Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ted Gibson Individual Color Conditioner in Captivating Copper


I have been lusting after this product for a while, I read reviews, and talked myself back out of it about ten times in the last month. Because my beloved Aveda Annatto and Bixa supplies were almost completely tapped out and I cannot seem to find anymore even on Ebay to replenish (long discontinued), and Madder Root just is not the right tone, I figured I needed to track down a new coppery depositing conditioner.

I ordered 2 bottles from, and they are about $25 a pop for 10oz. An Aveda tube at 8.5oz is I believe$18. 

The packaging is beautiful, and you can see the color of the product clearly and it's really pretty. The functionality of this type of bottle sucks though, and I know that Ill be taking the lid completely off to get product out from now on, because after the first squeeze it was damn near impossible to get any product out. The smell is not my favorite but not offensive.  I used about as much as I do normally of the Aveda, which is about a golf-ball sized blob for each section--back and each side, then a little more on the "underlayers".  I left it in probably 3ish minutes, about what I do with the Aveda. It is just as staining to the hands and tub as the Aveda is, and easily removed with Tilex spray. I always recondition after I rinse the color depositing products out to seal it so my clothes aren't ruined with bleed and because the smell is usually not ideal. I used Pantene for Red for that this time.

I could definitely tell an overall brighter look and much more of a orangish glow than normal, as the Madder Root (when used straight and not mixed) is VERY red-red. I think this will make a GREAT option to alternate with the Aveda Madder Root when my supply of the beloved colors runs out.

I also ordered a bottle of the shampoo which was on backorder and hopefully will be shipping in the next week or so.

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