Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Speck Candyshell iPhone 4 case


So one of the many expenses that go into a new phone purchase, a hard case is definitely one I always immediately grab and always recommend. I am not particularly clumsy with my phones, but in the event that it takes a dive, I want as much protection as possible. Especially with all the reports of broken screens on the iPhone. I got myself a Speck Candyshell, and one for the husband as well, in part because it works well with a screen protector (I like Invisible Shield and Phantom Skins, both wet-apply) and because it seems to have an extra space or airgap between the phone and the case. 

I have checked out tons of gel type cases, and usually reject them because they lift the screen, don't stick up off the screen enough or don't seem to fit well overall. I don't take my case on and off a lot so I am not worried about stretching it out from that but I don't want it loose from just putting it on.

I do wish there were more solid colors and less bizarro combinations. I got the husband black with gray and myself purple because the other options were all sorts of fug.

We got ours through ATT store simply because we got a bundle situation but separately it is $35 which is wicked pricey but so far I haven't damaged my phone so I guess that's money well spent.

I also bought a little pouch on SeaSideSew on etsy as well, just as a double layer for when it's in the abyss that is my purse.

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