Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's the Most Won-der-ful Time of the Year! 2011 edition.

It's that time again, Nordstrom Anniversary 2011.

Well, it's slightly LESS wonderful this year than normal.   I look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale every year. I save up hundreds in gift card funds to buy things at this sale.  This year was quite a disappointment to me.  Attention Nordstrom buyers:  The clothes that were The  The purses were epic failure. Just nothing exciting. And from what I noticed, especially in bags, it seems that the brands that made specific items for this sale, made them of lower quality materials and lesser workmanship than others in the line. Ill use Liebeskind as one example. The leather of the two bags offered are thin, cheap "glazed" leather. I have seen some NICE glazed leathers, these were practically pleather.  Just not nice leather. Stitching not as nice as the Mia and Gloria in their REALLY nice washed leather.  The Chlo√© bag offered is definitely not up to the par I expect for such a brand, and such a price. It seemed to feel thinner and less impressive than the usual bag of the same name.

This year was an overall letdown for me.  I hope next year they bring it back to snuff.  If you want people in this economy to come spend, this selection ain't the way to do it.

I obtained a few pair of pants, two were nice dress pants, and two were nice KUT denim. I am on that line between plus and regular clothes, and it's frustrating to me that I am sized out of nicer lines. Like I would kill for some Paige or Citizen jeans.  But they don't really go above what a thin size 10 would wear. They show numbers that they would, but they run SO small.  With the average woman in this country being around a size 14-16 in clothing, why do so many designers have to be so exclusive to only skinny chicks? I shouldn't have to starve myself to wear cute stuff.  Michael Kors seems to get it for sure. But I cannot say that for most.

Anyway...I got a few nice things, clothing wise.  But otherwise the big purchase and "win" so far has been La Mer.  Ill do a separate post on that. But to close--I wanna say Thank you and Hi! to Cathy Kozeny.  Fantastically lovely, beautiful and knows her stuff. And we had a great time talking diamonds. :)

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