Monday, November 18, 2013

Must Have ::: Beauty Blender

All photos by {accordingtoame}

I cannot even believe I haven't waxed poetic about these things yet. They are a staple I cannot spackle without. These little pink egg-shaped wonders are an absolute necessity for me to apply concealer and foundation, and without them blending is just not the same. 

There is simply nothing like them on the market, and not a single one of the supposedly-identical knockoffs is even remotely the same material, nor do they have the same blending ability.  

The trick, I find, for using them to their best advantage is to get them wet, squeeze, and then wrap a dry paper towel around them and squeeze almost all the water back out. Once they're damp like that, they expand in size, and you can see the amazing quality of the material and why nothing else compares. Nothing else is as soft and malleable as this material.  

I primarily use the wet sponge to apply and blend liquid foundation, blend concealer (alternating with fingers) and on the rare occasion I do cream blush, I use a different damp BeautyBlender for blending that into a seamless finish (I don't want to cross streams!)  

When I started using the BeautyBlender, especially damp, for concealer application, it was a whole new ballgame. Product laid down better, blended better, and I got significantly better coverage every single time.  It helps me layer products, and usually I can get by with less product than ever before while still getting the same pigment and coverage to lay down and cover.  

I usually buy them en masse at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, since they often have a great kit on sale, usually with the cleanser and often with the little travel case (which is amazing!) They've recently put out a black "pro" and a white "pure" variant, and I picked up one of each to test out not long ago. Personally, besides the original pink, I really love the "pure", though obviously it being white it gets gross looking quickly. 

If I don't use the cleanser they put out to clean them, I use Prell. I try to clean them once a week, at least and  then set them in that little plastic "dish" it's sitting in above to dry.  When I travel, I keep it in that Travel Pod pictured above. 

If you have never tried these, you simply have got to try them, they will change the way you do makeup, and, most importantly, how it looks on your skin. If you have tried them, share your thoughts in the comments below!

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