Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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I guess this is the "Pre-Black Friday Edition..." though just for the record ::: I am probably not shopping beyond sitting my rear on a computer chair on "Black Friday"...I have never gone to line up for the madness and I don't intend to start now. I usually do some online hauling, and sometimes a Cyber Monday spree, but I am not interested in waking up and lining up. I like sleeping more than that brouhaha.

1::: Brownie Brittle. This stuff is crack in a bag! We picked up a bag of the Chocolate Chip flavor at Costco recently, after seeing people freak out and grab multiple bags in the past while I was freaking out and grabbing bags of those Dark Chocolate Pretzel Crisps I spoke of in the past, yknow, to see why people were freaking out and grabbing bags. I can see what the freakout was all about now, because this stuff really is fantastic.

2::: Speaking of crack...after a few months without inhaling every tin in one gulp, I (foolishly) allowed myself some Sweetriot (I like 65% and 70% the best!) again and...well...I think I need to go back on my "no more of this in the house" rule. I cannot control myself around it. I seriously can just down tins of it in a sitting. For those of you like me, they sell "Monthly Fix" kits...which essentially means I eat 30oz of this stuff in like one sitting.  You can find individual tins around locally I believe as well, I usually snatch a few up whenever I see them. And, you guessed it, pour the contents directly into my mouth. 

3::: Creme de la Mer "The Mist". With a name like that, it sounds like it's some deep dark thriller of a movie. 

I picked this facial mist up kind of on a whim during a 10x points day at Nordstrom recently. I am now seeing why my husband calls me a spendthrift, by the way. Anyway,  I have had good luck with a few La Mer products, and the appeal of a mist made by them and infused with the "miracle broth" was pretty hard to resist. So far I have been pretty pleased with it, aka no reactions, and while there are a few things on that surprisingly long list of ingredients I am not totally thrilled about, I am going to see how my face does with it before I make a final call.  So far, so good though.

4 ::: Ever since I saw this J.Crew Cashmere Hoodie mentioned by Emily over on Cupcakes and Cashmere, I have been stalking the web for coupon codes that would bring it into a reasonable price range for me mentally because I WANTED IT SO BADLY.  Finally a 25% off code that applied came up that allowed me to buy it slightly more reasonably (still so damn expensive!!!), in Navy and size XL (which I hope fits...) and I bought it. Husband, if you are reading this, you did not see it. Erase from your memory.

5::: It! Cosmetics "Heavenly Luxe 6pc Brush Collection in Travel Case ::: I am a HUGE fan of the brushes from IT Cosmetics, and use the Heavenly Ball Brush and Boutique Blush Brush every day. I have been wanting shorter handled versions of at least the blush brush forever now, and instead of holding out for that, I went for this set when they had their friends and family code last week. Perfectly sized, in a case, and coupled with my Smashbox set, I have all my bases covered now. 

I don't use a foundation or concealer brush, but I keep the spoolie/eyebrow brush in here, as well as the shadow brushes, and ended up buying a second Heavenly Ball Brush and use the Multi Powder brush in this kit for blush so I can leave my boutique brush at home when I travel. This works for travelling just fine though they're not necessarily "travel sized brushes." They're just packaged in a travel case. If I had a "complaint" it would be just that they sewed the pockets for each handle in a way that no other brushes could interchange, but I am probably going to remedy that this week so my ball brush will go in place of the Foundation Brush (I don't use one!) You can get at QVC or

What's on your radar this week? Do you have plans to venture out and spend spend spend during the sales?  Or did you take advantage of the plethora of "pre-Black Friday" sales like I seem to have?

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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