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1:::  Dior Diorific Vernis Nail Lacquer in Minuit.  I mentioned a few weeks back how totally chic I found Elin Kling and her deep burgundy nails, and since then I have been trying to get my own nails in such a state. When I happened upon this shade, as swatched and reviewed by Sabrina, here on Beauty Lookbook, I was instantly smitten. 

Smitten is probably an understatement. OBSESSED is probably more appropriate.  Since it's limited edition for Holiday 2013, obviously, that was a keyword for me, and being the "sucker" that I am, my three days of pining but being a totally responsible adult fell by the wayside when I saw Nordstrom put some of my favorite jeans on sale. The gift card and remaining Notes burning a hole in my wallet were suddenly whipped out and entered dutifully into the checkout portion, and this gorgeous little bottle of shimmering perfection was mine, all mine.  

Since I fail at nails, my first attempt at polishing with this shade was almost immediately removed and redone. But not before I totally fell for this shade in person. It really is incredible. I have seen nothing like it and I am so glad I went for it. 

Here's one of Sabrina's gorgeous photos since my own hands look like chewed death at present and I am literally in the process of a redo as we speak.   Available at Nordstrom and Sephora.

2::: The Linear Calendar.  Brilliant! I have no idea where in my house or office I'd put this thing because I don't have a span of wall wide enough unfortunately, but I am dying to back this project. I'd probably have to cut it in half, but this would be the most amazing yearlong scheduler to have up on the wall for any designer, hell, anyone, to keep everything out in the open and easily fluid. If you bought little post-it flags or washi tape in different colors for each person in the household/office to organize everyone's individual schedules, this would be some serious organization. 

Check out this little video about this project from their Kickstarter:

If you're interested, get on the stick, it ends in just a week!

3::: Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens system.  You may recall that I got one of these as a 3 in 1 system for my iPhone4/4S and it is seriously fantastic. I posted a little review a while back about it and some of the photos I took using it and I still used it all the way up til I retired my 4S. This 4 in 1 system is in the pre-order stages for both the 5/5S and the 4/5S (I don't see a 5C version, sorry!), and the difference worth noting is an additional macro lens of 15x. For those of us that like to take super-close-ups of  things like our diamonds, this little gizmo is seriously incredible. 

I have been really happy with my Olloclip and found it to be a worthwhile investment for the iPhoneographer, with the ability to take seriously insane closeups alone. I have no personal need for or interest in the fisheye lens but it's great for people in action sports, especially for video.  

Olloclip has a companion app, that when used with the lens, corrects any light issues or distortion you might experience (I only noticed that occasionally), and it's fantastic as a team.  The company also recently put out a hard case that works with the lens system so that you no longer have to remove your case to use it.  Worth checking out. You can preorder on their site for $69.99.

If you're interested in a telephoto lens with a polarizing feature, they have one of those, too!


4::: One of THE hottest collaborations of 2013 is the Sugar Paper for Target collab that hit Target stores and Sugar Paper's site a couple weeks back. I snapped myself up a couple of gorgeous desk calendars for next year at one of our local Targets for an INSANE $9.99 each. Besides desk calendars, there are wall calendars and little planner books as well, for those not dying over the Whitney English planner like I am.  I am clearly really interested in calendars lately!

Get your rears to Target and check stock quickly, because it's going fast. Not all stores have the line, so you might need to hit up more than one, and it's not on their website.  In St. Louis, I found it at the Hampton Village and Town & Country stores. The South County store did not have it, just in case local readers are interested.

Photo: Keysocks Instagram

5::: Speaking of brilliant ideas...Check out those Keysocks!  What an incredibly genius idea for wearing flats with socks to keep your feet warmer in the Winter! I need to grab a pair of these and give them a try.  

What's catching your eye lately?

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