Monday, November 11, 2013

Major Hair Moment ::: Jennifer Aniston's New 'Do

Rumblings that Jennifer Aniston cut her hair off started about a week ago...and sure's actually happened.  Oh my hell!  I mean, it's cute and pretty damn flattering.  And from what she says, pretty easy to handle. How could it not be? 

Photo by X17Online, posted by Popsugar

But...but...I feel like my whole world is in upheaval!  I have spent YEARS essentially outright copying her haircut because it was just so damn perfect. Yea, I'll admit it on record: I am a total Jennifer-Aniston-hairstyle-thief. And I also admitted a while back I kinda liked her shorter bob style from when she grew it out last time and considered copying it when I was, like...less chubby!

She says she likes it, she wanted it, and that it was a necessary evil after a process gone bad.   I loved her early 2000's bob, towards the end of Friends, though I've read she did not. I loved it more when it got a little longer, around the time her Rachel character had Emma. It was around collarbone length and was fabulous. 

Back in 2011 she cut it off similar to that collarbone length again and I loved that one too, see below:

She also says that she always regrets cutting her hair off and wishes she didn't, but this time she's trying to love it.  I think just about every woman can agree with that sentiment!  I feel that way even after a light "dusting" off the ends.  I know my hair always looks so much better afterwards, but its like I am being cut up with scissors in a way. I wonder why we women are SO attached to our hair, yet we do so much nonsense to it that is about the opposite of good for it? 

This cut is definitely growing on me though, she looks amazing, as always. And of course, now it's making me itch again

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the  comments below!

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  1. I hate it. She is lovely no matter what, but I think it looks dirty and messy and kind of gross. Reminds me of Meg Ryan back in the early 2000's. Too much eye makeup and wild, dirty hair. Keep it clean and sleek, and I don't care how short it is!

    1. I think in the newer pics from the Instagram image it's better. Those first images that came out definitely were not the best. I don't know that I love the "chewed off" description.


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