Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wonderful Workspace ::: Southern Weddings Magazine Office Tour

Photo by {accordingtoame}

One of my absolute favorite wedding magazines and websites (KILLER blog) is Southern Weddings. It's a down-home and totally home-grown publication by a ridiculously ambitious and amazingly brilliant redhead named Lara Casey, and I have been pretty obsessed with it almost since she started it!  

So, imagine my surprise, and my delight, when I logged on to The Everygirl to see a behind the scenes tour at Southern Weddings featuring the lovely Lara and her Art Director Nicole, complete with some office photos of a business I have been dying for a behind the scenes view of for years?  Butter my biscuit!

Photo by Cyn Kain Photography for The Everygirl

Thankfully, Lara didn't just stop with the Everygirl feature, and did a full on tour which was posted on their website, as well as her own blog, chock full of great photos!  Is it wrong to say that I'd shutter this whole business, move to Chapel Hill and monogram my own cushy office chair, just to jump right in with that adorable gang? They look so fun, and SO HAPPY.

Here's a glass of sweet tea and a biscuit, let's sit a spell! (Clearly, I am not Southern enough for this drawl to sound natural! St. Louis is above the Mason-Dixon afterall...)

All photos by Faith Teasley unless otherwise noted.

I love how the main office is laid out. It's a shared space, literally a bedroom within Lara's home, and the ladies who work in this office (two are remote, four are in this office) are set up with what appear to be Ikea Expedit desks side by side. Collaborative and functional!  Each has her own pinboard full of brightly colored inspiration, beautiful office supplies, and there are fresh flowers everywhere! 

A closer look at the Mission Statement shown with the hard-working Lara above:

Another section of Nicole's beautiful and bright area: :

Photo by Cyn Kain Photography for The Everygirl

Photo by Faith Teasley

The team goals for the year. I LOVE THIS. It's inspired me to work on a similar task list for myself that I plan to tape above my computer for constant reminding. 

One gorgeous group of ladies!

Check out the stories here, here and here for more images and details!

Don't you want to move right in, pull up a chair and share a slice of cake?  Adorable girls and adorable office! Thank you for sharing all of these photos and all of the insight, Lara!

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The Everygirl photos by: Cyn Kain Photography 
Photos from the Southern Weddings and stories bFaith Teasley


  1. I love looking through the blog and magazine! Their workspace is beautiful- no wonder they create such pretty stuff!

    1. I agree--Such great taste in that office to translate onto their pages!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a sweet post! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and for your support! :)

    1. Aww, my pleasure! Thanks to you all for putting out such an amazing publication and website!


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