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Must Read ::: Oprah's Favorite Things 2013

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One of the things I miss about Oprah still being on TV everyday is the "Favorite Things Show". That was the one show every year that I usually would make sure I caught because I freaking loved the reactions of the people in the audience--almost always handpicked by Ms. Winfrey herself and truly deserving of all the booty she bestowed on them--but even more, to see what was on the list each year.

Oprah, not surprisingly, has a tendency to make a company go boom. They can be operating under the radar for YEARS and, yknow, they do fine, but when Oprah mentions them, they are in the big time!

I was so glad that she would publish the list of items in her magazine, and that even each month there's kind of a mini list as well.  Since the show is no longer on the air, I look forward to the issue now where the "master list" is printed. And thankfully it's also online to share!

A few of my top picks from the 2013 "Oprah's Favorite Things" list: 

Pajamas from Skin:::
Don't these just scream soft and comfy? I wouldn't turn down any color, but I sure like that lime green.  You can even get different colors to mix and match, since you buy the tops and bottoms separately.

Galaxy Smartgear Watch:::
I know! You're sitting there thinking "Ame is putting a SAMSUNG item on her list?"  Even though I have no interest in the Android devices, the concept of being able to look at my watch if something comes in and not having to look at the phone...well, I can admit that's brilliant. I know Apple and others have their own "smart devices" coming up shortly, which I hope look less ugly, because this and Pebble are sure not visually appealing, though Pebble is only slightly less clunky.

Of course I love it, it's Jonathan Adler. But it's got plenty of compartments and it's just elegantly designed. Oh, and it's a beautiful shade of vibrant orange. 

Qooq Kitchen Tablet:::
I saw this gizmo in the Sur La Table catalog a few weeks ago, and thought it sounded kind of cool.  It's a more kitchen appropriate iPad, stocked with recipes with an associated video so you can see how it's supposed to be prepared and look at each step, all in a sturdy, kitchen-appropriate water and heat resistant shell.  It also functions as a "regular" tablet, with access to the web and Facebook, etc.

Turkish-T Sweaters:::
These sweaters look divine, incredibly soft yet lightweight, and with the colorblocking, on trend. I kinda love that blue!

Which items caught your attention from "the list?"

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