Monday, December 23, 2013

Must Have ::: Tweezerman Lash Comb

Photos by {accordingtoame}

I mentioned this amazing little gizmo in my Top Secret eyeliner/mascara tutorial, and in my Top 5 Cosmetics list, and felt it deserved a post of its own.

Not a lot of folks know how important a great lash comb can be, and how big of a difference a metal lash comb makes in the overall appearance of your lashes after a mascara application, regardless of which mascara you use. 

It's vital to remove clumps, separate the lashes and take any overage of product a brush might leave on your lashes back off while the formula is still wet. Metal is more sanitary and easier to clean, but it also allows for a finer comb and easier combing. Yes you do have to be much more  careful and use a more steady hand, but the time and extra care is worth it. 

I originally used an Ardell lash comb, pictured above, a tiny little thing (seriously, just about the size of a half dollar) that in it's former variant was a metal comb in that plastic casing. A few years ago it went to a plastic comb, and was suddenly not as good anymore. I still have one of the original ones in my hoarders stash, just in case I need it and can't find my Tweezerman (gotta have backup!) but my heart still longs for the brand to bring these back in the event it goes missing one day.  When these went away, I found a Sonia Kashuk very similar to my current Tweezerman love, and unfortunately, not long after I found that one, hers went away as well, before I had the chance to stockpile a few more. 

Around the time the Sonia Kashuk's handle broke, I encountered the Tweezerman, on a rack at an Ulta store. It was instant love because *choir sings*: METAL TEETH. I bought the only two they had.  Because they were clear and plastic, I knew loss would become an issue, possibly breakage. I colored handles with sharpies. Wrapped handles with washi tape. Being a self-diagnosed, and blogging-proven hoarder, I made it a point to find more. I have since stockpiled several more within the confines of my bathroom closet, just in case, now neatly organized in my mascara box. I keep one in my travel brush case, so I have one specific for travel, I have one in my brush cup and another with my compacts, just in case. I have several more unopened as backup. I might have a problem. 

But I use this item nearly daily. I don't always need to, but I just love how my lashes look after using it. These combs have held up very well, and are easy to clean and small enough to not take up much space, but not so small that I lose them. I even put one in my little "walking drugstore" pouch in my purse, just in case. I don't carry much makeup in my purse, just a TINY little Bare Minerals READY Mineral Veil (still as yet unused!), a brow pencil and a tube of mascara, and then one of these little combs.

You can pick one of these up from Tweezerman, from Ulta (in store also), and in some Nordstrom stores.

What is one of your must haves? I'd love to know in the comments!

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