Friday, December 6, 2013

Fashion Fix ::: Field Jackets

Photo: Nordstrom

For the last year or two, I have been in lust over the Barbour field-style jackets. Most recently, the "Beadnell" Waxed Cotton Jacket caught my attention on Nordstrom's site, in part because it came in Navy. To quote Ms. Mackenzie Horan, "Navy or Nothing!"

This past Monday, during Nordstrom's "Cyber Monday" event in which cardholders got 10x points on purchases, something I don't recall happening in the past, I decided to take the plunge. Based on reviews saying it ran big, I risked it on the size, because the size I felt I needed (and was correct in assuming I needed) was on "waitlist."  I got it yesterday and its fine open but there's no way it's gonna zip. 

Since the pricepoint is, well, insane to me, and what others would call an investment piece, I had been seeking out alternatives for a while, trying to tell myself that there had to be something less expensive but just as great. I am someone who has been content with a Land's End parka thing with a broken zipper for the last, say, 6 years, and I have had to climb in and out of it more than once.  I'll let you laugh at that image for a minute.

Gap, Duluth Trading, JCrew

I saw a variant of the aforeblogged Beadnell at J.Crew but the sizing wasn't convincing, and I am BARELY into their XL for stretchy sweaters, so that was out. And the length was kind of a concern. The Gap option wasn't quite right, but obviously a pleasant pricepoint. I also ordered and tried on a Duluth Trading jacket that came in Navy which was great looking, and strikingly identical to the Barbour, I might add...but was REALLY snug with clothes on, especially in my shoulders. Yknow, with nothing but a bra underneath, it fit great! But as comfortable as that was, it's not likely to go over well when you disrobe in public before sitting down to eat your dinner at a nice restaurant. I mean, I won't mind, less clothes to ruin when I miss my face and feed my chest, but I suspect most people don't wanna see that at dinner.

Eventually, I let the 10x points talk me into going for the Barbour.  Like I said, I got it yesterday and I am now waffling on whether to try to get the next size up despite the waitlist, or just returning it and continuing to lust/look for alternatives while I climb in and out of my broken-zippered jacket like a goof...  

Speaking of points, tonight and Sunday are the Nordstrom "Christmas Shopping Parties" for Cardholders ("level 2 and up") where you also get 10x points. Well, considering the weather, I am not sure that tonight will still happen.  I've already kinda bought more than I have homes for, plus all but one gift that's exempt from points anyway, so I'm not entirely sure what I will end up with ... but surely I'll get lured into the mystique of some fabulous new item I need to have.

That whole "minimalism" thing can start next month anyway. And it really will. I mean it. The closet cleaning thing happened last weekend when I was home with a delightful bout of food poisoning. Wee! I seriously have what professionals would call a "hoarding disorder." I mean, I am not "Hoarders" show worthy or anything, but inching closer!

Anyone else totally loving this style? Which is your favorite? 

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