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Totally Obsessed ::: Travel Friendly and Luxe Finds

Photos: Sonia Kashuk, Tumi, Jonathan Adler, Integral Design, 
Flight001, Tieks, Truffle, Mophie, Lo&Sons, Bobble

What do you get those that seem to have everything and struggle to make a list because they truly don't "need" anything?  Here's a few of the best gift ideas around, all with plenty of time to order and ship. 

For the world-traveler on your list:::

1::: I've said it several times, ok more than several and this won't be the last, but a Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized Grande is the perfect cosmetic/toiletries bag for keeping it all contained, at home and away.  Each season since it's launch earlier this year has brought new amazing shades. For Holiday, it's a gorgeous Emerald. Spring has a few new shades up it's sleeves as well of which I will probably buy all... Available in Target stores and at

2::: A chic new passport holder or travel wallet to contain boarding passes to keep trips and documentation organized will help everyone breeze through security, and will even come in handy when returning from holiday travel.  Whether it be passport holder that's sleek, classic or fun like a Kate Spade, Coach or Jonathan Adler, or a simple travel wallet from Fossil, a colorful leather workhorse from Tumi (a personal favorite!) or a super-luxe Smythson, you'll have them covered in style, working without most budgets, for many airmiles to come. 

3::: Like to watch movies on your phone or take photos that include you AND the landmark while you're away? Check out the KeyProp and the accompanying app, KeyCam (free and doesn't require the KeyProp to work!). The KeyProp works with almost every smartphone to "prop up" your phone for photos, Facetime/Skype use, movie watching, etc. 

4::: For those who like to raise the bar a little higher than giant Ziplocs,  packing cubes from Flight001 help streamline your packing, cram more items into each bag and keep your bags neat and organized.  They also keep the clean items separated from the dirties. Other brands that are consistently recommended by top travelers are Eagle Creek and Travelon. 

5::: Weary feet need comfy shoes. Not every trip or event allows for that, so a foldable flat is a perfect packable.  Tieks ballet flats fold down into their own tiny, included pouch, and come in a ton of colors. They're incredibly comfortable, and have a sturdy, rubber sole on the heel and ball of the foot. The recipient may find themselves wearing them for more than just "relief".  Also--they work well with Keysocks when it's blindingly frigid outside.

6::: Keep all your bits, bobs and chargers organized and sleekly contained inside one (or more) zip pouches from Truffle.  With an array of colors and sizes, and a TSA approved carry on size, they (or you!) can stow it all away in style.

7::: All that smartphone and tablet use on the go can sap battery life pretty quickly, so a battery backup or emergency charger is a perfect traveler must-have. Check out Legion from PLX Devices which is on Pre-Order now, which can power smartphones and tablets, or get your traveler a built-in battery backup case like the Mophie Juicepack to keep the power going.

8::: Ever traveled out of the country and realized you don't have the right power adapter to charge your gadgets? Travel adapters prevent that one from recurrence! 

9::: Lo & Sons released what appears to be THE perfect carry on slash weekender bag this year, the Catalina. It's sturdy design includes a zip-up section on the bottom for shoes or dirties, and plenty of space for clothes and toiletries, and any little goodies you pick up along the way.

10::: Buying a bottle of water after security can get expensive, especially if you are a frequent traveler, and drink plenty of water. Packing your own empty, reusable bottle, such as a Bobble, is a much more inexpensive option, and much greener.  I have been trying (well, not admittedly very hard) to break my bottled water habit and get into the refillable bottle habit. I am particularly guilty of this while travelling, since the very first thing I do after I leave security, besides put my belt back on so I don't moon the entire terminal, is buy a bottle of water. Bobbles will hopefully break that bad habit of mine. Bobbles come with a built in filter, and in several colors and sizes.   

Photos: Tiffany, JCrew, Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft

Do their tastes run to the higher end? Complement their sensibilities with a few luxurious treats:::

11::: Looking to wow her with a little blue box? Tiffany & Co. (FINALLY) released a Soleste band, the perfect accompaniment to the Soleste engagement ring, or, really, anything.  Perhaps include a pair of Tiffany Victoria Sunglasses to shield her eyes. 

12::: Cashmere is kind of the ultimate. How about a cashmere hoodie for him or her? Practical and exquisite. 

13::: Speaking of of the most luxurious hand creams around is the Hand Treatment from Creme de La Mer. It absorbs instantly, and holds up to handwashing very well.  I personally am usually anti-hand cream/body lotion and usually wash it back off as soon as I get done slathering it on (defeats the purpose!), but ever since I got that little travel size years ago, I've been kinda hooked on this one. 

14::: Shinola is the new watch brand on the block, all handmade in Detroit. The pieces look pretty phenomenal and are sure to impress almost any collector.

15::: Sofia Coppola designed Louis Vuitton bags? Uh, yes!  In two sizes, and an array of beautiful and mostly practical colors, you'll outlive this bag. 

16::: Two new gaming consoles came out this season, giving gamers everywhere reason enough to stay up all night. If you can get your hands on either, your gaming fan is sure to love either the XBOX ONE or Playstation4 console.

What's "taking off" from your gift list?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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