Monday, December 9, 2013

Must Have::: La Mer Cleansing Gel


I mentioned in my DHC Cleansing Oil "Must Have" a while back that I am a devoted fan of La Mer's Cleansing Gel, and oh am I ever.  I have been using it regularly for a couple of years, and sporadically prior to that for a couple more years, alternating it with various other cleansers ranging from the good old Dove Sensitive Skin Bar, to the Simple Moisturizing Foaming Face Wash, to the newer Ultra Gentle Foaming wash by Neutrogena.  The price point was painful but when I finally devoted myself to it and worked out the cost-per-use ratio, it really was worth the investment.

As you know from reading this blog for a while, I am someone with incredibly sensitive skin, who is allergic to just about everything. For me to not react to something is pretty much amazing. I thought for certain that this cleanser would be too much for me, but I was surprised at how fantastic my face felt after using it, how clean my skin got, and how non-reactive it was for me.

This particular product is a "silky" gel, of which you literally need no more than a pea-sized dab to get billows of amazingly soft foam that thoroughly cleans the skin without drying it out, irritating it, and while imparting the "miracle broth" this line is known for into the skin. There are days I don't really "need" to apply moisturizer after using it, though I do anyway, because it's part of my routine and I use retinoids.

Photo by {accordingtoame}

Obviously, I would love something at a more "reasonable" pricepoint, which isn't made in only 2 batches per year, creating a mad fever of rabid fans to pick up stockpiles in case of emergency. They redesigned the packaging earlier this year, and quite frankly it was for the worse, because while it's prettier now, it's heavier and less shower-friendly than before, and that dearth of stock set off waves of panic through the universe. You can see the old bottle on the left, and the new in the middle above.

While waiting for the repackaging to be complete, I tried the Cleansing Foam and found it completely unappealing by comparison.  But the panic I felt for the time I couldn't get it...well it was worth it, because there's simply nothing else like it that I've tried, and as you well know, I try it all!  I try to make sure when I buy it it's one of those 10x points events at Nordstrom so that I get good points back on the purchase anyway ;)

You can find this product at Nordstrom and other high end department stores for $75.00. Cost per use will break that down quite well, and that bottle will last you a great while! If you get a great sales associate, they'll often give you travel/trial sizes of the products to try and take for travel, which is what I have in my Truffle pouch for trips. I just refill the travel sized bottle of the gel for any trips and it's carry-on friendly.

Knowing how, uh, "well" I handled the wait between batches, I can absolutely promise this is a MUST HAVE. 

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