Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome Home ::: Soleil Moon Frye's Worldly Home

Actress (you might remember her as Punky Brewster!), entrepreneur, tv host, blogger, author, mother (and at press time, mother to be!) and creative dynamo, Soleil Moon Frye has some pretty incredible ideas going on in her beautiful mind and behind that pretty face. Not to mention some serious energy to make it happen!  

So of course I am not the least bit surprised that her house is absolutely breathtaking, and practically a livable museum of her amazing world experiences.

Ms. Frye and her husband, Jason Goldberg, purchased the house from famed actor John Malkovich, who has pretty incredible taste of his own, and the couple decided to keep a lot of what Mr. Malkovich had done with the house already.  They have furnished the home with their new-agey aesthetic, coupled with their far-east relics, to showcase their travels around the globe and the experiences they've shared with their daughters.  

She's quoted in the Domaine Home piece these photos came from, as saying she loved the energy of this home, which is why they chose it.  My favorite rooms in the home are the dining room shown above, and the living room below. I love the floors, the abundance of light these rooms get, and those windows are absolutely divine!  

I find their taste in furniture is just exquisite. The dining table and the opium bed playing the role of a coffee table are my two most favorite pieces in their home.  And don't get me started on the light fixtures.

Visit Domaine Home for the full feature. Really, take the time to check out that entire site, such amazing features, and incredible ideas!  They even give a few of the sources for picking up a few similar pieces, should you wish to create a similar feel in your own home. You can also check Soleil Moon Frye out on Instagram, as well as Twitter, where she shares a bunch of really cool ideas, and you can catch her show Home Made Simple on OWN.  

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