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Must Do ::: Goals for 2014, and a Happy New Year!

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It's that time again, the end of one year and the beginning of a fresh new one.  It seems these things, these years, go faster each time. 

Before I go any further--Happy Birthday to my Dad and to my cousin, K.  Love you!

I officially opened my Whitney English Day Designer and really started using it this week, and was glad to use the actual book and not just the printouts I had made to tide me over. I am looking forward to hopefully getting more organized. This time.

Last year I told myself I would get more organized. I thought that was reasonable and realistic.  I had a pretty long list of goals for last year, and scratched a few out, even.  This year that list is noticeably shorter, as you can see, and I have them kind of stuck together because last year's list isn't finished and still has to be. Especially when you look at the basement. But we're getting there, and we actually have a schedule that we have to adhere to since there's permitting and contracting involved. 

And, well, I sort of did get organized. I cleaned an enormous amount of stuff out of my office, unloading years of buildup of supplies from old and long-finished orders.  I also finally cleaned out the landfill that became of my bathroom closet.  As I sorted through the piles of old makeup, old nail polish, and scads of makeup brushes I cannot even believe I'd collected, I reminded myself that I was indeed a hoarder, and that no amount of rationalization can change that.  Showing a photo below with scads of rolls of washi tape shows that I have a problem and recognize it, right?

So hopefully, and I really hope it's a realistic goal for me, I can fix that.  My fear of not having a backup of "whatever" it is that I love and rely on is terrifying, especially with so many of my beloved products being regularly reformulated.  But it gets out of control so fast. And I also learned I am a giant sucker for a great coupon code on the things I want to try or love already. That just perpetuates that hoarding even more.  

I still have a long way to go. A very. long. way. But I'll try very hard to keep on top of it.

Besides just my goal for paring down and clearing out and maintaining some semblance of order, which does not exist in this blogger's home, I am also working towards getting spending back under control. That is one "con", if you could say that, to blogging.  You are constantly looking around online, constantly finding new things that grab your attention, and in turn, your funds.  I am going to exert more control over that this year, I think.  I have a savings goal in mind, and we would like to replace my husband's car, so between my husband and I, hopefully we can meet it.  I point the finger mostly at myself, though, as far as this is concerned. He is not the problem so much in this instance as me.

Lastly, I definitely want and need to get back on the stick with my dietary intake. I don't want to call it "a diet" because it's supposed to be a "lifestyle change."  I kind of derailed a little, ok more than kind of, and that has to stop.  I truly lack self control with food. I had a goal weight in mind to have gotten to by now, and I am nowhere near it, but I have mostly maintained so that's good. Right? I am hoping I can make myself write my intakes down on the daily pages since I fell off the My Fitness Pal wagon again.

So I guess to put this into list form for later review:::
1) Get organized. And stay organized. Or something close to that. And throw lots more out because clutter has become a series of landmines.

2) Get spending under control, and start saving for that new car already.

3) Get eating back in control and stop this whole hand-to-mouth disease I have going on. And maybe write down what I actually ingest and stop pretending I don't eat what I eat.

:::Bonus::: Have a more minimalist view on life in general, not just material goods. And get some better manners maybe. Since charm school didn't really happen with this one.  I asked for, and received, Dorothea Johnson and Liv Tyler's new book, 'Modern Manners', for Christmas and I am looking forward to reading that when I get some downtime. 

This will be my last post of 2013 and the last of this week, so here's to a great 2014, full of happy memories!  What have you got on your list of goals for this year? Were you realistic making this list?

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