Friday, December 27, 2013

Weekend Update ::: And a fine Fa-la-la to you, too


Wow, I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone already, and we're only a few days from 2014!  I have my Whitney English Day Designer already cracked open and I am starting to really get down to business with that sucker now.

I made out like a bandit, as usual, and Aunt Ame found herself squished in closets and under tables hiding with little bug and roaring away at the spooky ghosts between present opening.

I got my January 2014 Allure issue the other day, and was glad to see they did another year with the Year Up program for their makeover issue.  There's a video above, but if it doesn't auto-play, here's the link.  No offense intended to the celebrities and middle-class women of their past specials, but when they switched to these young women as their recipients, I got misty and was really happy that the magazine went that route.  Celebrities and most middle-class women can afford to pay for such an event, usually, though it doesn't make them any less deserving.  Giving these young women a great start into their new lives and careers is a fantastic step, and a huge confidence boost they often so desperately need. 

This Lands End is my front runner right now, in part because of price. It's just the newer version of mine.

Since we're actually getting wintery weather lately, though not yesterday or today, I've been made (painfully) aware that I really need to figure out this coat/jacket situation. Usually my reminders come around 6am when it's 8 degrees outside and I go out to start the car.  The Barbour I spoke of a few weeks back unfortunately went back to the Nordstrom shelves due to ill-fitting sleeves (they were like 5" too short...), so I am left again with that tragic broken-zipper nonsense. I am kind of looking, but not seriously looking. Hopefully I can take advantage of a good sale this weekend. Poking around online, I haven't found any of the coats I previously looked for on sale anywhere. Figures.  I am back to this Land's End above, though again, not on sale.

As we wrap up 2013, and really, I have only one more post for this year and then I'll be taking a break until the "second week" of January, I want to thank you all for spending the time with me that you do to read and comment on my posts, my tweets, my Facebook messages, and my Instagram pictures. I am working on a few ideas, several are from you awesome folks, that I'd like to introduce next year and look forward to launching them down the line.  It was also really great to hear from so many readers (and so many of the brands I posted products from, as well--none of those were sponsored!) that you found a great new idea for someone who had you stumped!

If you have any thoughts you'd like to share, hit me up in the comments below, or on any of the other channels below!  

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