Thursday, January 23, 2014

Test Driven ::: John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss

All photos by {accordingtoame}

A few weeks back, there were rumblings of a new John Frieda color product hitting shelves just after the new year. Naturally, when I saw that it was a color refreshing gloss, with not one, but two, shades for redheads included in the line, I was excited and intrigued.  I was able to get my hands on a bottle of "Warm Red" and put it to the test.

I will admit that I was a little dismissive about this product going in, thinking, eh, it probably won't be noticeable at all, and there's no way I am going to get 6 uses out of this bottle. That latter part is for sure, because I am pretty sure I needed 1/3 of the bottle to get it through most of my hair, per treatment, even focusing mostly on the ends. But there definitely was a difference in the color after the first use, though I wouldn't say my hair looked like it had any more shine versus it's normal state of already pretty shiny.

The directions indicate that you use this product after conditioning, which is what I did the first time. Because I felt like my hair needed more moisture after using it and needed a lot of leave in versus normal, I decided the second time around--one week after my first use--to try it before conditioning, after shampooing.  I found the color refresh better that way, and then I was able to condition with the Loreal Mythic Oil conditioner to seal it in more, and my hair  felt better after the rinse, was easier to detangle and the shine was more like normal.

They also say after you apply to wash your hands with soap/shampoo well. I went in ahead of this wearing gloves, which I normally do with any sort of product, because if they have any good  coloring properties, they will stain. I did NOT however, do a good job of wiping off my forehead and the smear on my cheek, and managed the first time to walk around with a slight stain on my head and face for a day before I could scrub it off!  So keep that in mind.

Befores on the left, afters on the right.  I am the worst selfie-taker ever.

I took a before and after of my hair before I used it the first time, and after I used it the first time, making sure to wear similar colors for each. It doesn't show AS much difference in the photo as it does in reality, and my husband asked if I did my roots or something because it looked "fresher," especially on top, as did two of my coworkers.  I made sure I tried this product prior to doing my roots because I was curious to see if it made a difference how much of one it might make.  

Since it was significant enough for all of us to notice, I'd say this is a winner, despite the photos not really making it obvious.  It's not enough pigment to replace my Ted Gibson, but it's a good mid-cycle quickie refresher for when I need it.

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