Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Update ::: Shine Bright Like a Lightbulb!

This week...this month...has flown by!  I can't believe it's already February tomorrow.

I shared a recipe for my standby side dish for "spicy" meals on Monday, and while that's all well and good, I am still struggling to steer the bus of this diet thing back onto the road. While I haven't gained too much back, it's enough to notice the difference.  I seem to do well for  a meal or two, and then the wheels just come right off. I struggle with self-control and can't seem to really reign it in.  I am proving to the world and myself with that shot above that I've lost control by showing my 11lb weight gain in that shot above. Brave? Stupid? Authentic? You be the judge. It's reality, though.  

Besides that, I am debating switching plans, in part due to the financial commitment this one takes, and in part due to the fact that it's just me doing it in this house, and it makes meal planning harder. So if you have any wisdom to share, I'd like to hear it.  Especially if you have any that can get someone who can't deal with sweating (literally, I feel like I am in a straight jacket and it makes me lose my shit!) to do any form of working out.

Excuses are like buttholes, everyone's got one. And I have plenty! But I know a lot of the problem of late is my schedule being what it is. I just give up trying to do it all in a really short window of time each evening and go for what is the "easiest". And really, the "easiest" should be an on-plan bar with water. But "easiest" ends up being junk.  Last night the "easiest" was sending my husband to Culver's for more junk. But it sure was good. 

While trolling the web the other night, I happened upon this awesome little video about Annette Gabbedey on YouTube about three days after I landed on her site searching for a setting for a reader who asked me for an idea.  Her work is incredible, but the behind the scenes? ...It. Is. Amazing. I have worked with (been disappointed by) many jewelers in my time, and let me just say: those with all of their faculties couldn't produce work that well done. 

Shades Left to Right: Erin, Anne, Rihana

Earlier this month, I took advantage of the Zoya promotion, along with the rest of the world, apparently, and picked up a few shades to try out.  I hadn't used this brand before, so it is definitely an "experiment." I did a lot of searching online to try to find some swatches before ordering.  Of the three I picked up, my favorite was "Erin", which is a super sheer pale pink with slight shimmer. It's like clear, but better.  Clean and elegant.  I'll have some "test drive" insight shortly after I've given it some use. But my initial swatching made me fall right in love with that shade.  I also picked up a little mini set of the base coat, top coat, drying drops and polish remover. I really liked the remover, it seems a lot more gentle, while being very effective. Stay tuned!

A product I have been not-so patiently-waiting to see available for the stateside has finally been made available in the Shu Uemura US online store! I've seen several really great reviews of the Lightbulb Foundation around the web that had me chomping at the bit to try it. I am a little anxious of a couple of the reviews, one in particular, suggesting that it doesn't "dry down" or provide long-wear, so that could be an issue for me, unless I mix it with a formula that will dry down. I am still waffling on which shade to go with before I click the "Add to Cart" button and check out.  Ah the things I do to look good. In the face.

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