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Must Try ::: Fajita Vegetable Side Dish

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After posting a photo of my go-to side dish on Instagram, I had several readers request my "recipe" for the Fajita Veggies I use as a side frequently with dinner, including the response on the photo. I posted a brief response about it there, and thought that I probably should post about it. And then it got buried in draft posts.  

I have since been asked again for the recipe, and realized I never did post it! My apologies! 

This is a SUPER simple recipe (seriously), that I kind of "made up" one night when I was trying to come up with something for a side dish to go with a Southwestern marinated chicken dish.  For my local friends that visit Time for Dinner, it works great with the vast majority of the dishes we prepare there, I almost always make it with Southwest Lime chicken, and Dixieland Pork, for reference. I've even served it with that Black Bean Chili ladled over top of the peppers (it was really good!)

At the grocery store, they had pre-chopped fresh pepper slices in a refrigerated case in the produce section and a fajita blend, as well. I grabbed one of each, grabbed a pack of Fajita Seasoning and a pack of Taco Seasoning and headed on home after checking out.

The beauty of this side dish is really that it can be made into a main dish really easily, and it is low-carb and has been a huge win as a plan-friendly side for me when paired with chicken or a little steak to get my "greens" in.  I still included onions in my greens because they're really part of my diet anyway, and generally low cal and lowish carb. I always found it odd that they weren't "allowed" and chose to ignore that exclusion since they add a ton of flavor and bulk for not a lot of calories.

All I do for this dish is mix about half of each packet, with about 1-2 tbsp of olive oil in the base of a (not yet heated) non-stick skillet. I mix them til blended into a saucey consistency--when they're more liquid vs paste.  

Then add the veggies. I stir the veggies into the mixture to coat them very well, and then turn on the stove.

I essentially grill-slash-saute them in this mixture, and as needed will add a tiny bit more of each seasoning and try not to burn them.   They will reduce a lot as they cook, so the skillet starts out much fuller. 

That's it.  Simple as that.

The amount I make is honestly enough for 4 people to have a great amount. But since it's just us, and if Im not saving leftovers, I eat more than half on my own, because they're super filling and I need the nutrients. I have been known to make that my entire meal!

I often serve them with a queso laughing cow wedge, usually just on the side and pick a little up on my fork before most bites, and it really is a nice combo.  I have also been known to make them all for myself and eat them alone with the queso wedge as a meal. 

In the event that you don't have access to the pre-cut fresh peppers, use approximately 4 peppers and 1 and a half large yellow onions (vary the ratio to your needs).  Don't use frozen veggies, they just don't turn out the same. 


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