Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tech Time ::: Everdock Review

All photos by {accordingtoame}

One of the Kickstarter projects I got excited about this year (as did almost everyone else in the tech world), the EverDock, has finally made its way out to its backers. And boy was it worth the wait, and their ridiculously long hours cranking out the shipping packages under the wire.  

Everdock is a project and product from a company called Füz Designs. The guys behind Füz, both formerly employees of Zagg, a company I have a lot of familiarity with from using both their screen protectors and their gadget wipes, have a significant amount of background in creating great products for mobile devices.  And that proof is in the pudding, as they say, with this incredibly elegant new gizmo they came to market with. The anodized metal docks were designed to match and complement the iPhone metal colors beautifully, and that they do, while still looking great with other gadgets from other brands. 

Everdock comes incredibly nicely packaged in a single and a double dock option, and both options work with just about any device, Apple or otherwise, phone and tablet alike, and without having to remove your case.  MOST cases are accommodated, though I've seen complaints that some work better than others. The Speck Candyshells seem to be (and I have one so I can confirm this) the "ideal" size for these docks when used without Everdock's included silicone bumper. 

My rewards arrived just before Christmas and I went with silver for all three, because I think that looks pretty sleek and goes well with my other Apple items well.  I have been fairly happy with them thus far, though I would say right now my "cons" outweigh my pros, if you can say that, since this is less of a pro-con thing, and more of a "personal discovery" experience for me.

I followed along to the video above for setup, and I could not get my cable to stay in that channel for the life of me. I fidgeted with it and when it would not stay in after, like, 45 minutes, I quit that and decided it was fine if it wobbled a bit because I was going to lose my marbles by that point. 

That wasn't really a con, it was just a minor hiccup, totally user error. The con associated though is that I am not sure that having my cable bent like that is going to be good for it or my phone over the long haul, but from what I can tell, every dock is like that, and I have never heard of anyone having any issues over the long haul. Then again, I don't keep phones forever, so maybe that's a non-issue.

The real con for me, if you can honestly call this a con, is that I cannot use a single Everdock sitting upright without connecting my phone to a charging cable, which sometimes I don't want to do, since I am not someone that leaves my devices connected to a charger unless it's desperately needing it.  What I figured out worked best for me though was to use the Duo, of which I am now the owner of again. I can use the front slot for charging, the rear slot for a stand. That actually ended up being the best solution for me.   In that image above was my little backup plan for using the single as a stand, and that worked pretty well too, but the Duo is ultimately ideal.

My patterns are really that I usually only need to charge every 2-3 days usually and I try to only do that overnight when I put it on airplane mode.  I know a lot of people top theirs off all the time, but I find mine last longer and "work better" for me when I go from full to low like this. I "kill it" pretty much every chance I can, and it just tends to give me better battery "memory" that way.   

The ability to do a phone OR tablet with this dock is HUGE, or if you go with a DUO, both at once.  This item is gorgeous, really, and for those that truly do dock their phones, it's a masterpiece for that. 

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