Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekend Update ::: Wooda-been Happenin'!

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This week feels like it flew by!  Sunday was the Golden Globes, full of red carpet gorgeousness, but my favorite part was watching Matthew McConaughey collect his Golden Globe for Dallas Buyers Club, Wooderson-style (alright alright alright!), just as the first episode of his AH-MAZING new show with Woody Harrelson, True Detective, was ending on HBO. Seriously--it's incredible.  Also, Jared Leto and his sexy-ass man bun? Only he could make it so hot. 

Lots of greatness popped up on the internet this week, including this awesome home/office tour from Aerin Lauder that was featured on Elle Decor's website.  Her lifestyle and beauty product line is amazing, and beautifully designed to boot. The woman just has fabulous taste, not that that is a shocker to anyone. I love the little peeks into great spaces like this. They unfortunately remind me how big of a slob I am though, hah! There's evidence of my slobby ways now on Instagram, since I shared in the Real Simple "get real" Social Media campaign. It's shameful. Rome wasn't built in a day though, so there's time to work on that.  The same of that video is that all of "that" *gestures* what it looks like clean.

Speaking of awesomeness...Erstwhile Jewelry posted this hilarious little series of photos of Tom Hanks and Shooter McGavin (Christopher MacDonald) reacting to Olivia Wilde's amazing engagement ring from Jason Sudeikis...Love it. I like that Mr. New York behind them is getting into the excitement, as well. 

So what of this ring? Feast your eyes...An emerald halo in yellow gold, around an old cut/antique diamond...Magnificent!!!

Well done, Mr. Kansas City, well done. 

Look at those perfect arrows...swoon!

I posted the other day about a pair of Brian Gavin Diamonds studs I am really hemming and hawwing over, and have been for quite a while. I am 99% sure you'll see a reveal on a pair of those soon because I am pretty sure I will bite the bullet.  Believe it or not, I am pretty simple in the accessorizing department. Or really in the overall "fashion" arena.  I don't wear jewelry much, especially not costume, mostly due to allergies to a lot of metals and cheaper alloys. I use the same bag every single day and have it in duplicate because of that fact. I wear navy Converse slip-on Chucks every day and also have those in duplication because I wear them til they die and I kill them within a few months. I am simple and boring, frankly.

Because of my overt practicality, in the jewelry department anyway, where I buy the best available and then never wear it because I don't want to damage it or it's just not practical to wear all the time for what I need to do with my hands (like my wedding work for example), I have been, this week, focusing on trying to wear my wedding set, at least. So far, I've managed to wear them for three whole days (as in put them on before I left and took them off when I got home.) That's probably a record over the course of my eight-and-a-half-year marriage. My husband was impressed when he actually noticed.  He generally does not care whether I do or not, he's well aware of my neuroses, but he's also well aware of my obnoxiously ridiculous practicality in that department.

It may never get worn, but least it's always clean!

And to end with a different kind of "flawless..." Not a great seque...hmph. Anyway...Urban Decay is expanding their Naked line to include loose finishing powdersmore shades in the BB Cream, and lipglosses. My interest was most piqued by the finishing powders, though I really do prefer pressed to loose.  The pressed version came out in Fall, and I assume is supposed to be the same formula, but swatches and reviews aren't as glowing on the pressed version, though that could be because most prefer loose to pressed in such a thing. The reviews are pretty fantastic on this loose product thus far, though, both on Temptalia and on Makeup and Beauty Blog.  hmmm What to do...

Overnight, we got another cold snap booo!), so this morning I am testing out my new Capilene base layers from Patagonia. The world shall know soon if my stretchy pants really do keep the cold out. Despite what it sounds like on here, I've done semi-ok at keeping my spending in check for the first 17 days of this new year.  I stress SEMI OK. I did buy two ball chairs and some base layers after all, and probably some other stuff I already forgot I bought...but no coat yet. 

Hope you have a great weekend! Whatcha got planned?

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