Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Loving Right Now :::

Photos:  John Frieda, Screenshot of "This is Water", Brian Gavin Diamonds, Gaiam, 
Michael Polish's shot of Kate Bosworth on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings, 
Steve Wrubel's beautiful image of Bradley Agather Means and Coley Means on the cover of FD Luxe Wedding Edition

1::: News about John Frieda and a Color Refreshing Gloss started to circulate some time ago, and when I heard that there would be at least one option for reds, I was immediately intrigued.  I was able to get my hands on a bottle of the Warm Red version before it hit the store shelves, and have been test driving it since. I should have a review up soon with my thoughts. 

2::: This video, "This is Water", featuring an absolutely incredible enactment of an excerpt of a David Foster Wallace commencement speech from several years ago, before his untimely death, is absolutely amazing, and should be required viewing for all.  I am guilty of this same frustrated thinking, and have been trying for a while to adjust that automatic negative thought process into a more empathetic version. I will admit that thus far it's not going particularly well, but I am trying to right the ship.  

3::: For some time now I have been lapping, obsessing, drooling over a small pair of bezel set diamond studs from Brian Gavin Diamonds. I like smaller studs, there but subtle, and a pair around .25-.30 ctw would be perfection. As an acquaintance said with a similar pair, they're like a "tiny drop of sparkle in the ear."  

I am notoriously awful at not wearing my jewelry, despite having an affinity for fine diamonds. I am full of excuses as to why, but when it comes down to it, I just don't wear what I have.  Despite that, I am still lusting for these, and may end up jumping on a pair in the not too distant future.

4::: I sat on a Gaiam Ball chair for years at the agency, and for some reason just never got into the habit at home or at my new position. I rectified that, at least in my office, and proudly tap this message to you all out from my nice new ball chair. They take very little time to assemble, and are, at least in my experience, plenty sturdy.  I'd like an "adjustable base height" option but I make do just fine. 

5::: The Winter/Spring/Summer wedding issues are popping up on newsstands and I am snatching them up like mad. I've flipped through the new Martha Stewart Weddings a few times, including the feature on Kate Bosworth's beautiful event.  

But my personal favorite right now is the first Wedding Issue of FD Luxe, a Dallas publication. This issue features the nuptials of the knockout blogger behind one of my favorite blogs, Luella & June, Mrs. Bradley Agather Means.  I am always a sucker for a beautiful and high-end wedding magazine, but this one is particularly incredible, not just because after the feature on Bradley and her new husband there's a feature with some eye-popping diamonds...but because it's laid out incredibly well, and the features are very conversational and candid. You feel like you really know the couples and their families.  Great work!  

What's catching your eye this week?

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