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Fashion Fix ::: Addicted to Boden

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Before I get started on the meat of this post, I had to be an attention whore for a minute (well, isn't that always on here, I guess?) and celebrate reaching a "milestone!"   In just over 4 years, I've reached 400 posts. In that time, I've shared my style, knowledge, ideas and great finds with people around the world.  Thank you all for the support and for reading what I have to share! As In light of this milestone, I wanted to let you know that over the next few weeks I will be migrating over to Wordpress, and to my domain name, and hopefully a fresher look. 

And now, back to our regularly scheduled post!

Since my last Fashion Fix post about Boden back in March, I've placed several more orders and I've been happy with each and every item.  I must be an Anglophile in my fashion sense, or finally be growing some fashion sense, because something about their product and their styling just speaks to me. 

A glaring positive is that there is a huge range of pieces that work for up to, at least, size 18 (US) and that everything can be dressed up or down very easily.  The construction and materials on these garments is seriously incredible,  every piece is spectacularly made.   

They're also budget-friendly investment pieces, which often sounds like an oxymoron.  But, really, these pieces are classic shapes, and come in colors that will work year round, well-tailored, and pieces that you'll have for years. I find the prices to be pretty reasonable, especially considering you'll be getting insane cost-per-wear, and they often have good discount codes or sales making them even more attainable.   Clothes for me haven't been "investments" before now. In part because I always felt like "I'll lose this weight, I don't want to have a lot of clothes in 'this size'."  

As you've read on here many times, I have a weird body shape. One that carries weight in the least favorable location, and just this week alone two different doctors gave me the riot act about it. Besides being on that line of plus and regular clothes, I carry my ever-fluctuating weight in my middle (not so much up here, or down here, but RIGHT HERE) and it very frequently gets me that dreaded "when are you due?" from strangers.  

Since it's been going on for, oh, more than a decade now, no matter how much weight I lose, how hard I work out, I have reached the point where I just play along now and pretend I am not hurting inside being asked that, usually randomly guessing some month a couple months down the line, or saying "not soon enough", because it's the path of least resistance.  I have literally been standing next to actual pregnant women and somehow the little old woman will pat my belly and say congratulations!, to which an actual pregnant friend will lean in and say "did you win the lottery?" (I know the whole group is laughing out loud right now reading this because it was that weird.)

My favorites from the brand are the wrap tops, like the one shown above, more than anything else I've tried (even the Breton tops, which I also love!)  They fit me really well, they're long enough, which is absolutely vital, because I have boobs, and I have a belly.  These tops flatter all of "this" and help minimize it all very well.  Not only do they flatter this crazy figure, they are work and consultation appropriate and make me look like less of a grub than my usual "is it clean? eh, passable with a little febreze" level of attire. The pieces I wear from this brand make me feel like I look classy, recently laundered and appropriate. Yknow, 'til I open my mouth. 

Last month, right before our Texas trip, I even bought a swimsuit in navy and white polka dots for rush delivery.  Just guessing at the size based on my clothes orders. And I was bang on and it was AH-MAZING.  Wildly flattering and super cute. And dare I say, I could've gone down a size.  That was a nice boost. 

If you recall, I mentioned that Summer Wrap Dress last time...well this time I splurged. I bought it in Blue and in Green, and I think I am going to keep the green because the besides accidently going with the "long", the blue had more "red" in the pattern than I wanted, and I just don't wear red because of my hair.  Can't deal with the competition! But it's SUPER cute in person. Super. Cute.  Might be a perfect dress to wear to an upcoming wedding...

Have you been turned into a total Boden-phile, too? What's your favorite piece from the brand?

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