Friday, March 7, 2014

Fashion Fix ::: Boden, Great British Style!

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After poking around on Boden's website, and lusting after so many of the beautiful garments in their Catalog that always seems to show up at my house right around the time I am attempting (usually with poor results) to curb spending, especially on clothing, I finally bit the bullet on a few specific "basics."

For someone who was never into "fashion", per se, I am somewhat of a clotheshorse, apparently.  My closet is overflowing with clothes somehow.  I have no idea where this comes from, though my mom says that my Grandma had quite a phenomenal wardrobe, full of really amazingly well-made clothing and coats. We all know that my brother inherited the shoe collection gene from her, with his ridiculous array of Nike Dunks.

I have, for at least a year, been gawking at a few pieces on Boden's site, mostly basics. I finally succumbed over the weekend, and ordered a couple Breton long sleeved tees, Navy and White Striped and White and Navy Striped (living dangerously!), a couple of wrap tops (Navy Solid and Green Dots, again, I live dangerously with my palette), which I believe are widely touted as fabulous, and a blue dotted cardigan, which I desperately was in need of. (Insert sarcastic hoarding joke here.)  My "parcel", as the ever so elegantly British company calls it, was "dispatched" Monday, and appears to be arriving tomorrow.  I am incredibly excited.

As for sizing, I have no idea what to expect and I am a little anxious about that aspect. I went with 16 for all of the items. I did their "what size do I need" widget, using J.Crew XL as a guide, which is for most things close, but snug, and sometimes too short because of my breasteses. I cannot wear any button-ups without buying plus size or men's and having them tailored, so I simply just don't wear them (they're not really "me" anyway.) Since they equate their size 14R to a J.Crew XL, I decided to go up one size, because I knew a 14 was going to cut it. I really waffled on the 16-18, and I hope my guess with 16 was right so I don't have to exchange it all!

I have my eye on a few other pieces, including a dress (!!!), pictured above, that would work for a summer or fall wedding, the only time I will ever don a dress, and a few of the blazers, which are risky because of my build.  Can't wait to get my "parcel!"

Are you a Boden fan? What are your favorite pieces?

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