Monday, March 3, 2014

Must Have ::: ThermaCare Heat Wraps

ThermaCare Heat Wraps are not really something that falls under beauty, fashion, technology (well, I guess that might count), or jewelry.  But they are in every sense of the words a Must Have for me. 

I know, judging by the photo on the box they're supreme definition of glamorous, right?  Hottest fashion statement ever. 

Little known fun fact that is entirely worthless to your day: I've been getting physical therapy--a supreme schedule destroyer--most weeknights for the last two months. These lower-back wraps have kept the area warm and loose after therapy and stretching for hours.

I have been reliant on this amazing invention for years now for tight muscles, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, and any number of related ailments.  This latest adventure in medicine has been the longest term I've ever needed to use them, though.

Nice bonus: with these ridiculous temperatures and this crazy weather, leaving one wrapped around my waist keeps me warm for almost 20 hours. I used to only use them off label for outdoor events on cold days, like my brother's college football games. I know the package instructions state 8 hours max, but my doctor has me wearing them until they cool off, which is around 18-20 cozy hours.

I go with the L-XL size, and the nice, stretchy band velcros comfortably around my waist, just where I need it.  I tend to put one on right after I get home from therapy (I shower right away to get the ultrasound goo off) and leave it on literally until it's cold the next day. They start to heat up when they make contact with air, and I'd say reach full heat around an hour later and they stay steady for many hours!  I don't usually even notice it's there, unless I am laying on it at night, or lean back in my chair, or get into my freezing vehicle and get a nice warm thrill.  

For surviving a screwed up back and this ridiculous weather, they're absolutely a Must Have.  Especially today.  

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