Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Wow ::: Baby Bezel Studs by Brian Gavin Diamonds

All photos by {accordingtoame} 

You may recall from a few weeks prior that I was lusting after a pair of tiny bezel-set diamond studs.  I had been for a long time.

I'd seen some at Tiffany, even almost bought a pair there on impulse despite the price and the lack of confirmation of cut quality, and I knew that Brian Gavin Diamonds, an online-based ideal-cut diamond and jewelry vendor, made a really nice set as well.  In fact, their bezels were some of the nicest, and thinnest, I'd seen.

I have pored over lots of really close up images of both brands' settings, and decided to go with the Brian Gavin Diamonds option, not only for price, but because of the known significantly better diamond quality. (Seriously, there's no comparison, and if you want a little insight from a long time diamond industry pro, with extensive knowledge in cut quality, and his experiences with shopping Tiffany, check this out, and let it be noted that I do own several pieces of diamond jewelry from Tiffany.)  What I think I loved most about the bezel was that the thinness of the metal made it appear like the diamond was just floating on your ear.  Since I was looking for dainty studs, that was a big deal, especially given the size of the diamonds was a total weight of .30cts (.15cts per ear.)

As you might have read on this blog, or if you know of me elsewhere on the web, I have a bit of a reputation as a "cut nut."  Well-cut diamonds are the way to go, and I get my kicks checking them out, and poring over the minutia within the most ideal of ideal cut diamonds, and buying from the best vendors in the business, those who recognize the best cutting, or in this case, do it themselves. Not a lot of vendors supply ideal cut diamonds in these small sizes, but it truly does make a difference. 

The transaction was flawless, the workmanship is amazing, and the diamonds, as I expected, are perfection.  When they arrived, I was not even able to sit and gawk at them for many hours. I had to stare longingly at the unopened FedEx box for, like, 3 hours, because I was wrapped up in a time-sensitive project, and had no other choice.  

When I finally did, it was like angels singing. Holy. Hellfire. These are amazing!  I was in no way disappointed. And this was just viewing them at night, in the worst possible lighting in my entire house.   So I knew they were going to make me squeal and clap when I saw them in daylight. 

I took a few horrific photos with my iPhone in the bathroom lighting for posterity (best possible lighting in my entire house...) and then put them away lovingly for the morning, hoping for sunlight.

When I awoke, and it was blazing sun and great weather, I literally leapt out of bed (I cannot say that I've ever leapt out of bed for anything other than something jewelry related..or food), strapped my Easy-Macro band to my iPhone, and started snapping away.  I got a few with my DSLR as well.  Gird your loins for the onslaught of amazing. 

Bring on the macro...all taken with the Easy-Macro Band and iPhone5S

A few shots to show the setting itself...

And now a few shots of the FIRE...

I am someone who doesn't often wear her jewelry. I keep it clean, but I often leave it locked in a safe-deposit box, screaming for someone to let it be seen outside of the vault. I work with my hands constantly, and rings are simply impractical, and I use colored goops in my hair on the regular, so I don't usually wear earrings either.  I know you're thinking "well, why in the hell do you even have it then..." Well I think that sometimes too, but dammit, it's amazing. So I have it. And I love all of it. 

I wore these all day Saturday. To a lunch with a dear friend. Dinner out with my husband on national margarita day (who proclaimed them far too dainty and small for his liking... well, I'll take that as a green light to spend some more money on larger ones, dear!) And then most of the following day for errands. And then to work the next day.  That right there is probably a world record.  I've had them now for almost two weeks now, and I've actually worn them almost half of that time...that's seriously notable. 

I am incredibly pleased with this purchase, and cannot stop staring at them!  You can get a pair of your own, or check out their diamonds, settings, and other jewelry at

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Just so we're clear: I paid for these with my own money, just like I do with every product, restaurant, item, etc., that I talk about and review on my blog. 


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    1. Ohhh another local who knows of the vast world of amazing online diamond vendors!!! I worked with BGD's owners at their previous company and wasn't as happy with the former company's workmanship. But these blew me away!

  2. Ame, I'm not sure if you mentioned it but what is the total ct weight of the studs?

    1. I went with .30 ctw. I will go add that now! Probably should've put that in there! Thanks for asking.


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