Monday, March 17, 2014

Must Try ::: Sugarfina Candies

In a fit of carb-craziness, I placed myself an order on Sugarfina this weekend, and I cannot wait to see it.
Besides the Gummy Bears I had to have, I got myself some Jelly Beans, a variety of Malted Milk Balls, and also some Champagne Bubbles and Champagne Bears.  I cannot wait to receive my package and try everything out!

I think I am most excited to try the two Champagne treats, just out of sheer uniqueness.  Another item I checked out, but didn't pull the trigger on was the Kyoto Blossoms. The texture sounds fascinating!

Anyone try treats from Sugarfina? I know I spoke of them in the past, and only finally got around to trying their other items out now. Clearly I've gone well off the rails of my diet plan in recent weeks.

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