Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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1::: Macarons from La Petite Sucre ::: I have been craving macarons now for a few months, no thanks to my Instagram feed, and when I finally went to indulge said craving at my favorite little local spot, they were closed!   So I went on the hunt online, and came across a vendor on Etsy that had quite a few flavors that were right up my alley.  The photography and packaging is fantastic, and the owner makes each batch to order.  I placed my order last week and should be receiving it any minute now..."Out for Delivery..."  Comon' Mr. Mailman!

UPDATED::: I just received my package...OH. MY. DOG. These are HEAVEN. I've already eaten a lemon, a raspberry and two salted caramel. I don't expect these boxes to last much longer. 

2 ::: Strange segue after food, but after reading about this Glam Glow facial mask in every magazine and on nearly every beauty blog now for months, I finally decided to give it a whirl.  I picked up a jar over the weekend at Sephora, and I am going to give it a go this weekend. I don't have a huge issue with my skin being overly congested, thankfully, but the area around my nose seems to fight with me on occasion, as does my chin. Can't wait to see how it goes.

3 ::: Equally palatable, but along the same vein, Clarisonic just put out some new brush heads, the Luxe collection, and despite almost entirely writing off the alien laser deathray gun, this brush head option might actually lure me back.  I picked up the "Cashmere Cleanse" brush, which runs a little more than your average Clarisonic replacement brush. But it is literally soft as silk, and the length of the bristles seems to make it less abrasive than any of the other options.  You can see in this photo I took below that the bristles are easily twice as long, but they're also tapered really well.

I have been testing it out for the last month now, just using it a few times a week vs every day, and to my shock I have yet to encounter a single reaction. That's probably a record considering using this thing with every brush they offer besides this one would give me an epic rash or a world of breakouts.  I might actually come around to this thing...

4 ::: I spotted these Coordinates Collection bracelets when looking for a unique bridal gift, and now I am configuring the hell out of various designs. I almost never wear bracelets or really much jewelry at all, but the idea of having a private memory like that is pretty awesome.  Brilliant idea. I have just the target recipient in mind right now. 

5 ::: Last year I was sent a trial subscription of Redbook magazine. I had read it a few times in the past, mostly in waiting rooms at the doctors office when WebMD magazine was the only other option. I like to think of myself as young and hip, when in reality I am bordering on middle-aged and painfully uncool, so I always kind of shunned Redbook outside of aforementioned doctors offices. Admittedly, I thought of it as an "old lady magazine for people with kids" versus anything a young and hip chick like myself would be caught dead reading.  The startling realization that I am not, in fact, young or hip (use of that word is case in point...) and that Redbook was targeted directly to me, that I was their target demographic, middle-aged and super not cool (my words, not theirs)...well. Shit...

Except that the amazing re-branded and revamped Redbook I got after that first issue last year is totally awesome. So therefore by association I am too, right? RIGHT?! They're really nailing it now, and I am no longer feeling old and ashamed in waiting rooms. I've even brought my own issue on a few occasions. 

Their target demographic is huge, from the 20 something singles to retirement-aged marrieds and everything in between. I love how they tackle beauty and fashion for all budgets, home decor for all budgets, and money and life issues for all situations. I also love seeing my favorite bloggers, and other bloggers I get to discover through that feature, rocking great outfit ideas. 

One of my favorite columns is the "Whys Guy", which is written by a married man around my age, and is a hilarious take on married life with kids.  I don't have kids, but I can relate to a lot of the marital commentary. And I usually laugh out loud several times at his beautifully worded pieces.   Surely I am not alone in my love for this newly revamped "old lady magazine" that made it cool for the youngsters. 

What's on your radar this week?

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