Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend Update ::: Mother Nature, You're a Tease

Happy Pi Day!

Finally, a taste of Spring!  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were all amazing, with Monday and Tuesday in the 70s, almost 80!  All for naught, since we got a system overnight Tuesday that produced rain thankfully not the expected snow... boo on you, lady.  At least that moved out and we warmed back up a hair into the 50s. I can handle that...

I am hoping that with the weather in better shape we can make more progress on the basement.  Cold weather does not aid plumbing a whole lot...

This last week I really tested out my new items from Boden, which I posted about last week. That package actually arrived last Friday, a day early. The only item from that order I returned was the Cardigan, and only because it was too short in the body. I think it needed 2 more inches. When unbuttoned it wasn't bad, but any buttons closed it was above my waistband.

I took a couple horrible outfit shots of me sporting my Boden, this week I wore the Green Wrap Top, on Sunday I took it out with just a cardi, and on Monday to work I wore it over a camisole (lots of boob on display!)  That's a total win, everyone that saw it complimented it. Selfie-queen, I am not.

I know, my work wardrobe is a total snore.  Try to ignore the toilet paper rolls behind me.

Wednesday I wore the Breton long sleeve top in Navy with Ivory Stripes, with a hot pink camisole. My husband actually likes the White top with Navy stripes the best, Ill probably break that out soon. I have a suspicion it will be ruined the first time I wear it though.

Photo: Target Pressroom

I have been on a mission to snatch up some of the Spring 2014 Sonia Kashuk items. I know, I need another Completely Organized Grande like a hole in my head, but I. MUST. HAVE. IT. It's in a gorgeous shade of blue, so I'll be taking care of that end of the spectrum.  You'll see me on Hoarders one day, "Ame why all the cosmetics bags?" I had to have them all. I mean, really though, can you blame me? They're amazing!

Speaking of hoarding, my mostly empty shelf in the closet is getting a little mad, with all the new products I am testing out, and the stockpiling of things like DHC Cleansing Oil (ON SALE RIGHT NOW, GET SOME!!!) and Acure Shampoo and Conditioner...Might need to deal with that. I have been good though about tossing stuff that I saved and just never use. I started liking newer shampoos and conditioners that I'd tried, and ended up with quite the half-full graveyard.  The new Ulta circular I just got the other day is not going to help with this process...

While on a scouting trip to Tiffany to check out the new Soleste Wedding Band (pictured is the full eternity, I'd probably go half if it were even a remote possibility right now...) the Tiffany sales associates were all complimenting my Diamonds By the Yard earrings. Except that mine are from Brian Gavin Diamonds and blew away all the studs in their store case.  I thoroughly enjoyed the compliments, and I am sure BGD would as well. 

If there's any feedback you'd like to share on the progress of the blog or the content, please feel free.  I am working on a ton of great new Test Drives, and will be sharing them over the next few weeks. I am also working on a few Tech Time columns with new apps and products.  So many great new products out, and so many new-to-me products.  I apologize to your wallet.

Have a great weekend! Let's see if I can accomplish my taxes this weekend...

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