Monday, March 10, 2014

Must Do ::: Tax Time

Unlike years prior, I am wildly behind the ball this year.  This is the latest I have ever been in doing my taxes, like, ever.   Usually by the end of January or 1st week of February we're done, even have our refunds (assuming we get them) and, hell, I've spent it already sometimes.

I am thankful that I am in a position where we are not desperate and reliant on that refund (the whole subject of which is a topic I will not get into on husband has an entire tirade just waiting...)

This year, for some reason, I cannot get my shit together. I mean, I have the "actual shit" together, I believe all of it, in fact, even the list of utility bills that I somehow almost always forget about til the day we're inputting everything. It's been in a pile on my deskchair (yknow, a real chair next to my ball chair) for almost a month. Yet, we have not actually done them yet.

So maybe this "Must Do" should really be "Ame, get off your ass and do your damn taxes, bro." Both of my parents, my brother in law, many of my cousins, are all accountants. I have no shortage of tax time help for any issues that arise. Nor do I really have any reason to be such a procrastinator this year.

Are you someone that typically does them early like I usually am? Or do you wait until the last possible minute?

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