Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tech Time ::: Spigen UltraCrystal Screen Protectors

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I am a huge fan of Spigen UltraCrystal Screen Protectors. I know I've mentioned these in the past, but I don't think I've ever actually given them a devoted post.

I love these in particular not just because they are literally so clear and so smooth it's like you've got nothing on your screen, but also because they seem to hold up to scratching better than any other I've tried.  

And I have tried tons. I even recently picked up and gave a "test drive" to one of the most popular, and widely raved about, "glass" screen protectors among tech blogs.  Let's just say that it was the shortest lived application of any such product I've ever used. 

In the past I was a fan of a few other brands, both wet and dry apply, but in the last few months I've really taken to the Spigen UltraCrystal.  They apply very well, they hold up very well, they wipe down well (especially with Well-Kept wipes) and they're virtually invisible.  They're also incredibly reasonably priced.  

I know this sounds bizarre, but none of the other protectors I've ever tried, glass style included, held up to diamond stud earrings. This is the first one that didn't get scratched up and require replacement from wearing earrings and using the phone.  I don't often wear them, but some screen protectors I'd used in the past would literally have slices in them after one conversation. That didn't make me feel particularly confident in their abilities, despite my knowledge of how hard a diamond is.

Now, there is a little "finesse" to applying screen protectors in general, but this brand has figured out to include the necessary tools to make it pretty easy. I like that each pack includes two protectors. Not all do, and if you blow it with one, well, then you're out.  I am super anal retentive, which I bet you would never have guessed...and sometimes if I feel my first one isn't aligned absolutely perfectly, I need to start over with a new one, so having that added backup is a nice pressure reliever. For most normal people, that means you get two phones covered, or can replace a beaten up one later. Beyond that, my favorite inclusion is the little stickers each pack includes to lift the edge up and get under in the event of a dust particle. 

One of my favorite tricks is to apply them on the closed toilet lid, in a steamy bathroom. Run the hot shower for a few minutes to get the dust down in the room, and that helps prevent getting dust under the protector.  Just one of those "the more you know" tidbits.

Another plus to this particular protector is that most cases will work really well with these without lifting them at the edge, but also without much space between the case edge and the protector edge for goop and fuzz to collect in, making them truly invisible.

Anyone else a fan of this product? Or have you found another you prefer? 

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