Thursday, March 27, 2014

Test Driven ::: Sparkle Sparkle Everyday Jewelry Cleaner vs Platinum Jewelry Cleaner

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Many of my longer term readers, and those that know me from around the web, know I am a rabid fan of the Sparkle Sparkle Platinum Jewelry Cleaner. It's my favorite product to clean my diamond jewelry with, and I have found absolutely nothing that compares to it. 

Diamonds like grease, and this particular cleaning solution seems to help repel it just a little longer than average. Somehow my rings and earrings just stay cleaner after using it, but without any weird film to keep them cleaner. 

My favorite, and old standby for a decade now!

Recently I placed an order for a small kit and full size bottle of the Platinum cleaner to give as a gift, and when speaking to Oliver, the developer of Sparkle Sparkle and owner of it's parent company Nventa, he mentioned they have another product that's safe for all jewelry, including pearls and more delicate stones, and asked if I'd be interested in trying it to see if I liked it as much as I like my usual Platinum product.  I said I'd definitely give it a try and report back. Well, Oliver, here's my report! 

Upon receiving the Everyday Jewelry Cleaning Kit, I noticed that the ingredients, while normally not toxic or dangerous, were completely natural, and based on fruit and vegetable oils. It reminded me a lot of a Fruit and Vegetable Wash, actually, and smelled like oranges. Definitely a good start.   Included in the kit was a small spray bottle, the same size as the little travel size or starter bottle from the Platinum kit you can purchase via the link above. Besides two little brushes (the little pink q-tip looking one is the bomb on eternity bands, by the way..I wish they'd sell me a wad of those!!!), they include a silver polishing cloth, a microfiber cloth and a refill bottle of the Everyday cleaning serum, the same size as athe full sized Platinum cleaner just without the sprayer head, which is a totally awesome inclusion. Love that!  

I used it as I would my Platinum Sparkle Sparkle, liberally spraying my rings, and counting to 30, before lightly brushing the stones with the included brushes to dislodge any stuck on gunk or "skin bits."  I rinsed in warm water as usual, and dried well with a paper towel.

The "big examination" with a high powered loupe after I clean my rings is usually how I know when a cleaner does a job worthy of my diamond jewelry.  When I use my loupe after the Platinum cleaner, there's not a speck of anything, not a smudge left behind.  

While, I didn't have that same experience after using the Everyday cleaner, without examining under the loupe, the pieces were clean and sparkly, as I would expect after a cleaning.  Certainly clean enough to get me through an average day, which is, I guess, the point, since the average person is not a total diamond clean freak.  This would be great for me to have, say, in my desk drawer at work, or maybe in place of my current Platinum travel set, but it would probably not be my go-to product when compared to the regular Platinum cleaner.  

I currently have the bottle of the Everyday Cleaner sitting up on my kitchen counter, so that when I wash my hands with my Method dish soap in clementine, I can spritz it on my rings in place of using Windex (not ideal for regular use) for a quick clean before I put the rings away on the nights I am not doing a full-scale cleaning and inspection.  Have I mentioned lately that clean diamonds are happy diamonds? Because they totally are!

However, while it's not as "powerful" as the Platinum cleaner is, what I do like about it, and what makes it worth having, is that it's safe for pieces like pearls and delicate stones. I do have a strand of pearls, though I don't often wear them. I tested this cleaner out on that strand and was very pleased with the result. There was no damage, to any part of the strand or the pearls, and it left them lustrous and in perfect condition. 

For the "average person", this set would be fantastic and would make a great gift, especially for the newly engaged or married ladies in your life, or even for your bridesmaids.  If you're like me, and loupe everything at 30x magnification, this might not be your regular diamond cleaner, because in terms of efficacy the Platinum is the clear winner, but great for the "in a pinch" or alternating cleaning job.  And did I mention how great it smells?  Because it does. I keep sniffing on the bottle. 

Sparkle Sparkle has been my favorite jewelry cleaner for almost a decade now for good reason: it works really well. Check out the selection of products on their site,, and if you want to do a comparison for yourself, or just have both options available, choose your regular cleaner based on the metal of the ring--Gold (even for white or rose gold) or Platinum--vs the Everyday set.

If you are a fan of this product or check it out, I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Which would you recommend using for sapphires set in sterling silver?

    1. Yep. It should be perfect on the sapphire especially--depending on the treatment the sapphire's had.

  2. Thanks Ame, The stuff I have now leaves a film on my sapphires that drive me insane.

    1. These products have never left a film on anything of mine.


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