Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Wow ::: Sarah Jessica Parker's Amazing Home

So, it's kind of a whirlwind tour, but as part of a quick interview with Vogue, the world got a glimpse into Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's amazing brownstone in New York City. 

While being amazingly beautiful, it's also incredibly real and lived in. Their taste is incredible, as you would expect, but the colors are so perfectly selected.  You can tell they chose pieces they loved, over pieces that were "designed" to go in the spaces. I totally love her favorite color, too. She's...They're so...normal and down to earth. I love her.  And a ping pong table? So much win! 

Check out the amazing 73 Rapid-Fire Question Interview with Vogue (same as above, just linked in case it won't play) and enjoy the gorgeous tour.

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