Monday, March 24, 2014

Must Have ::: Keysocks

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These ridiculously genius socks called Keysocks are seriously the bee's knees.  I am normally a little white no-show Hanes socks kinda girl. Super fashion forward, I know.  I mentioned these a while ago in a Loving Right Now post, and included them in one of my Loving Right Now Gift List posts, and cannot believe it's taken me this long to get them up here as a Must Have since I wear them pretty often. 

That's embarrassing...

From time to time I want to wear my Converse without socks, or at least look like I'm hip and wearing them without socks anyway, and that's where these amazing Keysocks come in.  They're particularly great for wearing flats or going "sockless" in Winter with Converse, because they cover your toes, the bottoms of your feet, and then go to a normal "knee high" sock from the ankle up allowing your jeans/pants to cover the small amount of sock going up the back of your ankle.  I've been wearing them a lot lately, with the random bursts of great weather. 

I hate to even admit that my first use of these brilliant socks was for a family funeral, that of one of my biggest supporters, I might add, but it was. It was a freezing cold day, and none of my funeral-appropriate footwear would allow for socks, and I was not sure how I would handle that with the outside burial service after the church service and stay warm.  Instead of freezing, or wearing socks anyway and looking like a goof while we honored this amazing woman, I pulled out a pair of black Keysocks, and I got through that service and the graveside services without even a nip of frost on my toes.

When kicking off my dress shoes afterwards to put on Uggs, a few family members caught a glimpse and were absolutely riveted by these really inventive socks.  That was just the first of many days I have rocked the Keysocks during this crazy (miserable) season. Seriously, Mother Nature, snow, again? It's Spring, quit it! 

They are available in several neutrals, though I have a pair of super fun gray and blue stripes as well. I'd love to see more of the fun colors like shown above back in the supply as well.  They're well made, soft, and don't stretch out and cause issues with bunching at all.

Are you a fan of Keysocks? 

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