Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Update ::: You're blingin' blangin' right I am!

So this month I had aimed to not buy much, spend much, and focus, instead, on saving a set amount and still haven't bought the new coat, which was all I wanted to allow myself to buy for the last two months.

Well, that road was paved with good intentions, but zero actual concrete.

That is one pricey keyfob.

For example, as a result of outright carelessness, I am now about $500 broker...Thursday we were going to dinner, and I thought I had my keys (I have an iKey Fob kinda thing, where it's not really a key-key) in my pocket, like I was shoving the whole wad of keys (my giant mass of keys goes on my O-Ring) in my coat pocket. Well I missed that entire pocket (somehow!) apparently and didn't hear them hit the driveway, because I was trying to listen to what my husband was saying.  As I backed out, the car doors locked and I looked at him asking why he was playing with the locks, and he looked at me like I was nuts! That was apparently me running over the keys.

My husband had his keyfob in his pocket (for once I was glad he had his on him, vs being annoyed we both had our keys with us), and when we got to Costco I was tearing the car apart for my keys. I was like "I wonder if that locking thing was me running over them....I hope they're in the driveway!"  When we got home, they were sitting right there where I ran over them. Thankfully NO KEYS were bent!

By morning the keyfob would only unlock the car, but wouldn't start it. I went Friday to get it looked at, and they swapped the hard key with another fob I had that wasn't programmed to the car anymore (we've had it rekeyed before when my husband lost his key...) and for a little while it worked. By Saturday night it was dead and we had *a* working keyfob. So I made an appointment online Sunday to have my car re-keyed on Monday night. It took forever, but now all three are handled. We had to replace the one fob entirely that I ran over and then rekey it all. Expensive lessons in carelessness! Good one, Ame!

Besides that, I decided to try another box of  Whitestrips to see if I could get more brightness on my lower row of teeth, and if anything would happen up top.  I went with the Professional Effects this time, because they were the second highest strength, and $25 cheaper than the highest strength, and I felt cheap.  Just in one use I noticed a difference, and by the 5th strip, it's significantly better. I am glad I decided to keep going. I drink/drank a ton of tea and stuff, so there's a lot of staining on the bottom I now am going after. Staining I didn't really think was there.  

I feel like this is becoming a "dysmorphia" thing teeth really aren't that warm, but now I've started this and I feel like they can be whiter and I see the changes... I don't think I'll use this whole box, so that I can touch up later.

In other vanity news...

I also cut my hair off earlier this month, right in the middle of getting over that illness and after my grandma's funeral.   The top photo is the "curled" pic, after I hot rollered. The bottom is how it looks just blown out.   I feel like I went too far with the length, i.e. too short, and that my face looks fat.

Photos via Target Pressroom

Ok, Spring is totally bringing the amazing collections.  Any day now the new Sonia Kashuk items for Spring 2014 will be hitting the shelves and  I need another one of those Completely Organized Grande bags like I need a hole in my head, but I kinda cannot wait to get a couple of the Spring colors.  Damn, this woman makes some killer bags!!!  I am also kinda feelin' those chubby cheek stain sticks.  

Rumor has it that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged or married...yay Jackie and Kelso...  I am keeping a watch out for a great shot of the ring or rings. The horrible zooms I've seen so far make it appear it's either split shank, dual shank or two rings indicating a wedding band. 

Photo by {accordingtoame}

A few weeks back I mentioned lusting for some bezel set diamond studs.  Not entirely surprisingly, I went through with the order, and they arrived a week ago today.  A teaser photo is above, since I decided to make that a full post. Stay tuned. 

Have a fabulous weekend--stay warm!  Please Mother Nature let this be the last gasp.

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