Thursday, June 26, 2014

Top Secret ::: Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Step 1

I left this little nugget out of my Skincare Routine post a few weeks back, regrettably, because I had just finished a tube and hadn't opened the new one yet when I was taking those photos. My (huge) mistake. 

Not that I didn't have an enormous amount of stuff in that photo already!

A family member is a longtime Mary Kay Consultant and I have been tinkering with the line since College, a little over 15 years now. They're highly underrated, really, for skincare AND for makeup.  Until they changed their concealer formula sometime in the last few years, it was my absolute holy grail. Unfortunately they did change it, and I've moved on, sorta. I am sure that last tube I am clinging to dearly is long past spoiled.  I also have a few of their moisturizers and anti-aging products in my closet as well as a tube of their "classic skincare" mask, and will occasionally bust one or two out and think "why in the hell am I not using this stuff anymore?"  While I was waiting for the Josie to get restocked, I occasionally used the Timewise SPF30 moisturizer, just to get by and not clean out my stash.

Since the Timewise Microdermabrasion Set was launched several years back, the Step 1 tube has been in all of my Mary Kay orders. Like, 5 at a time.  I don't use Step 2, because it's got a few ingredients that don't play nice with my skin, but Step 1 is like a facial in a tube and I love the way my face feels after I use it. And once a week like clockwork, I squeeze out a blob and give my face a scrub a dub with it while my deep/color conditioner is doing it's magic.

The product itself isn't even the real top secret. It's all in the application, actually. The "real top secret" trick for the best result when using this product (or anything of it's sort) is to wear a pair of disposable non-latex gloves when you use it.  I learned that one day when I decided to use this while I had my color conditioner baking in my hair and didn't want to remove the gloves until I rinsed my hair, and spare my hands the dousing of Tilex they end up needing afterwards to get the stains off.  

Leaving the gloves on gave me better results than without and I never looked back. In that moment, I figured out that my hands were speeding up the "breakdown" of the grit faster than it breaks down without that layer of non-latex material there as a buffer, and therefore your face gets the exfoliation it's supposed to get before the grain breaks down on its own. Life.Changing.

You can get yourself a tube from Mary Kay's website for $31, or via your own Mary Kay representative. 

Anyone else a fan of Mary Kay products? Do you agree that they're totally underrated?

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