Thursday, May 8, 2014

Top Secret ::: Sonia's Travels/

Since we're starting to get into prime travel and vacation season, I thought I would share a little secret of mine named SONIA GIL.  Well, I wouldn't call this a big secret, since this stunning woman has won the well-deserved Webby twice, having just won her second by a landslide.  

I have followed and loved Sonia's Travels on YouTube for a little over a year, and more recently just started going through her actual website. I don't travel as often as I'd like to, but the tips and tricks I have picked up from these incredible videos have been absolute lifechangers.

The developer and founder of Fluenz language learning software is constantly on the go, and has picked up tons of tricks and secrets she is eager to share with everyone from the once-in-a-lifetime-tripper to the seasoned nomad. 

I learned about the best packing cubes, my favorite set is the Flight001 SpacePack for the compression. She reviews the best TSA approved tubes and jars, and carry on bags, and I was thrilled to know that my favorite "Go Toobs" were the same as hers. I learned about the best way to plan trips and buy flights. I found great products for making flights more comfortable, and for me, a girl who white-knuckles it on a plane and seems to just randomly puke all over the place on most flights, the brilliant ideas I have now stored in my mind from watching Sonia in every new video...absolutely priceless.

You absolutely must check her videos out, I've found some amazing products from her reviews, I've also learned how to pack even better than I thought I already was packing (seriously, packing cubes! And, like, don't pack so much shit.) 

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