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Tech Time ::: SNAP Connectors

 All images, gifs and video kindly provided by the SNAP! team
This is the desk/car mount

As you have picked up on by now, I am a total Kickstarter-slash-gadget dork, and the majority of things I end up backing are in some relation to my phone, either making using my phone more convenient, charge it easier, or using my phone to track something, or track itself...

While trolling Engadget a few weeks back, an interesting little male-female connector gizmo popped up as an Indiegogo project, something called SNAP!  I have not used Indiegogo prior to now, actually, so that's one I guess I need to start checking out. Or I guess if my frozen credit cards have their way, not check out...

Snap Promo from Rivetal on Vimeo.

The video made me chuckle (hopefully it's loading above, if not click the Snap Promo link to go forth and view) and was the initial lead in to my interest in this product.  The idea behind SNAP is simply that you stick one side of the connector to your phone or case and it can then be connected to any number of options in their product arsenal.

Currently the offerings are an earbud case, as well as a band-type wallet, a bike mount, a workout band, and car mount, with more to come, including a stroller mount, as I understand it.   As kind of a "blogger thrill", after they saw that I backed it, they reached out to me, offering me access to the video you see above hopefully, and the photos and gifs I posted. That was pretty swell of them, actually. Clearly, someone on that team reads this blog, so HI! SNAP TEAM! *waves*  

For me, the primary appeal would be the earbud connector (which is why I selected that one), which for me are used temporarily during a flight, or the wallet band for, say, going to a bar (which I do, like, once a year...quite the partier, this one!) or a ball game. 

I'm not a permanent connector person, despite it only being like 3mm thick, at most. But for the duration of a flight or trip, the idea of having the earbuds attached to the case so that I am not fidgeting with them, shoving them in my bra or having them splay all over the damn place for me to inevitably puke all over, is incredibly appealing, and then just peeling off that little dot when the trip is done, and going about my business. I would need a huge stockpile of those little dots, I think.  I say that as if I am some kind of world traveler...

Snap on a Stroller Mount

I can definitely see this being incredibly practical for someone on a bike or using a stroller with the associated mount, especially, keeping the phone secure, steady and out of your hands and pockets.  Or if you mount in your car, because you're regularly needing your phone at the ready while driving for hands-free calling, this could be equally useful. "Siri, my phone is mounted on my SNAP! now, can you call the spa and so I can tell them I am on the way?" In a perfect world... I usually just have my phone in my purse on the floor in the back seat and then end up giving myself a pinched nerve in my neck and back while trying to reach around the seat when I need it at a stoplight and then forget that I put the car in park to do this contortion and look like an idiot flooring it in park when the light turns green.  Enjoy that visual.

Bike Mount in action!

While it sounds pretty awesome as it is, what I would like to see it evolve into is just a more universal system, which is what I assume the "universal attachment" offering is. That way I decide what I am attaching and to what, and I am not forced into attachments that only this one company provides. And again, a less permanent system as well. I don't want permanent. So if I can get more dots down the line--like if they make that a backer option, or sell them separately later, that would be perfect.

Either way, kind of a clever idea, especially the hands-free options since that's really becoming an issue with all the distracted driving stuff going on. Don't you agree?  

If you want more information, or want to back it yourself, you can check it out here.  

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