Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tech Time ::: iPhone 6 Rumor Mill

Image: Martin Hajek via BGR

Have you been keeping up on the latest with the upcoming iPhone 6 and the soon to follow iPhone 6 "phablet?"  I'd dare call them both phablets, but I digress.

Rumors and presumed leaks are calling for this new handset to be slightly larger than the current iPhone5S flagship phone, with a screen of 4.7" diagonally and a possible screen resolution of 1,704 x 960 pixels.  The bezels appear to be thinner on the sides to accommodate a larger screen.  I will be curious how the resolution will translate.  For the rumored iPhablet, rumors indicate a 5.5" diagonally sized screen, which is quite large, but should sate the masses who want a tablet sized phone.

Image: MacRumors.com

Designwise it will be scaled thinner, to resemble the body styling of the iPadAir that recently came out, with beautifully rounded edges.

Image: MacRumors.com

It appears that the same release schedule as last year is on target, with a mid-late September sale date being the endgoal for the 4.7" model, and the 5.5" model making it's debut shortly thereafter, closer most likely to Holiday.

I think the 5S is already "big enough" for my liking, but I will be curious what new features, hopefully an even better camera (hopefully), for starters, this new model will bring. Rumors call for NFC technology, among others, based on demand.  I am a huge fan of the newest and best for my smartphones, so I am sure I will be among the masses buying this new one in the 4.7" size. Though, preordering may not occur this time around. 

Image: 9to5Mac

MacRumors really has a fantastic roundup of the rumors, all on one page, if you would like to check in on that. I also like to read up on BGR for their coverage.

What are your hopes for the next generation iPhone?

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  1. here's hoping and dreaming of a metallic yellow iphone!!! oh my heart would sing =)

    1. Gold is as close to that as you'll ever get. I think yellow is the poorest selling iPhone color/iPod color ever.


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