Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tech Time ::: Silicon Valley on HBO

All images via HBO and Silicon Valley HBO Tumblr

My husband and I have been totally obsessed with the show Silicon Valley on HBO since it started (well before that, when we saw previews...).  

We're both huge fans of TJ Miller, and the lead in music makes us miss his show Mash Up something awful...but when we saw Thomas Middleditch, TJ Miller and Kumail Nanjiani on @Midnight before the show started and knew we would be in for a great show. All three are hilarious. 

The premise is pretty brilliant, following a few programmers as they launch a company.  Some of the characters are "loosely based" on real figureheads of the tech community, and the casting (and acting) for every single role has been brilliant. 

It's both hilarious and smart, giving a little inside glossover view of things in the tech world, and perhaps a few little life lessons along the way. There's a mockery of the "dress code" and of the hipster "vibe" that goes along with that geographic territory.   As my husband works in tech, though not in "the Valley", there are a few things that have made both of us laugh hysterically, just because of the accuracy. 

We are both dying to see how things go with Peter Gregory, who is totally ...weird, as well as see if Jared really is interested in making this company go well, or if he's a "plant."  I do wonder how they'll handle the Peter Gregory character though, since the amazing actor that portrays that character passed away in December. I assume they can write around that and just no longer show the character, just having his assistant carry on his orders.  And...what about Big Head? 

Another HBO show that recently had an episode NAILING IT about the tech world in general was VEEP. Check out the episode if you can, because it's hysterical and appropriate. The show on it's own is fantastic. 

Do you watch Silicon Valley? Are you also totally addicted?

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