Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tech Time ::: GOkey Fob

All images and video via GoKey Indiegogo

Remember how I said I have a problem regarding Kickstarter, and probably should avoid Indiegogo for the same reason? Well, I need to. I really do.  Because poking around on these sites is dangerous. Poking around on Indiegogo caused me to discover the GoKey.

So if you've followed along with my "gadget backing addiction" chronicles, I've already backed a backup charging device, The PLX Legion, which I love. I've also backed a "Tracking Device", the PebbleBee, which I cannot wait to get.  

This is kind of a similar setup to those, but all in one device that also allows for external storage. There's a version for iPhone, and another that works with Android and Windows Mobile.  

It has a built in "emergency power source" for charging your phone with just enough juice to get you by til you can fully charge again, but it also has a built in "leash" setup so that if it gets too far away from you, you can use your phone to find it (assuming it's attached to your keys), or if your phone gets too far away from it, you can use it to find your phone.

I am really into the idea of a self-run tracking device, so that if my stuff walks off I can keep track of it. But I am also into having a backup charging setup just in the rare event I *need* power in an emergency.  

Like, for example, if you watch Silicon Valley on HBO...Jared just got locked in a shipping container. For 104 hours. Being trapped, especially without a way to contact help, is among my worst nightmares--I've been reliving it in nightmares now for a week, in fact. That's the situation where I'd want backup power in the form of Legion, for example. And yknow, some kind of cell or wifi signal to send a message for help!

Is this a gadget that piques your interest? You can find out more, or back it, here.

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