Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wonderful Workspace ::: Kristen from Bliss at Home

Images by: Kristin Cadwallader B@H/Carrie Fanderclai
Shoot styled by: Kristin Cadwallader B@H

I like to check out offices, snooping if you will. I love seeing workspaces and how people set them up and what works for them. 

Recently The Office Stylist had a tour of Bliss at Home's Kristin Cadwallader's AMAZING home office, and I was absolutely enamored.

 It's beautiful, and I love the gilded touch balancing the stark white walls, gorgeous wood floors and bright touches scattered around. The refurbished green cabinet is just killing me! 

It's beautifully organized and totally serene, and I can see how she gets down to business in here. Her styling ideas on her blog are fantastic, so I am not at all surprised she's going to have a magazine feature soon. 

Check out the feature here, and check out Bliss at Home, here, for tons of great styling ideas for your home.

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