Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Wow ::: Julia & Shane's Striking Kansas City Wedding

 All photos by Meagan and Nate via StyleMePretty and the Meagan and Nate blog, 
and used with the permission of both the photographer and the couple.

Is that guestbook and J|S sign not completely incredible?!

Trolling around the net recently, my attention was jolted by the amazing stationery and decor from Julia and Shane's truly modern, and incredibly beautiful Kansas City wedding. 

I clicked on over to view more images, and found myself scrolling through the gallery three times. And then clicking over to the blog of Meagan and Nate, their insanely talented photographers, to gawk at the rest.  Black, white and cream with punctuations of pink used in such a clean, crisp fashion could not be any more elegant.  

I love every.single.thing. about this event. It was ridiculously difficult to choose the few photos I selected for this post, in fact.  I had only planned to use three when I contacted the photographers and couple so that you would all immediately rush to their features and spend hours drooling and dreaming ... but I apparently have an issue with counting. 

As I exchanged messages with this ravishing bride, I learned that the very invitations and guest book elements that immediately drew me in to this exquisite event were designed by the couple themselves.  Shane even built the guest book cover by hand out of plywood, and hand engraved their logo and pattern design on the front.  *jaw. dropped.*

According to Julia, "the whole design process was extremely time-consuming, but totally worth it in the end."  I'd say!  Future family heirlooms.  And about their chuppah and that amazing J|S sign on their guest book table? Those were lovingly hand-crafted by his parents!  So much talent in this family!  

As you're aware, I absolutely love those "first looks" a couple shares, and, even more, the groom's reaction when a bride is walking down the aisle towards him always gets me.  I cannot help but get a little misty every time I see a groom get a little caught in his throat seeing how absolutely mind-blowing his new wife looks during the procession. He knows she's beautiful, but on this day, she's just otherworldly and it catches him completely off guard.  This woman is absolutely no exception. She looks ethereal in that opulent gown. And despite my usual deference to the groom, in this case, I actually love her reaction more. True happiness. 

Could this couple be any more in love? I think not.  

Pop on over to Style Me Pretty and check out the feature on this chic event, and then head over to Meagan and Nate's blog for even more. You will not be disappointed.  

Julia and Shane, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness! Thank you for allowing me to share your day with my readers!  It flies by, it really does! 

Special thanks to Meagan and Nate, as well, for allowing me the honor of sharing their absolutely spectacular work.  If you're in the Kansas City area, check them out! I know that I am thrilled to add them to my "local favorites" list, and next time I am asked for a KC referral, I know exactly who I am mentioning.

Now, go drool and dream and fawn over the features!

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