Monday, May 12, 2014

Must See ::: Do you know about "Chalkboard Mag"?

Chalkboard online magazine was created by the founders of Pressed Juicery that is centered on health and holistic lifestyles, and it's friggin' amazing.  I surprisingly had never heard of it until I read the #GSD on its founder, Suzanne, on Meg Biram's blog a few weeks ago.

ince I have been trying to get a little more organic overall within the last couple years, I found the idea of it pretty stellar.  It's introduced me to a lot of pretty cool new products that are greener--something that I've mentioned I am leaning in the direction of--and all around "better."  It's also given me a little insight where diet is concerned. Obviously, being a totally vain person, I love the style & living section the best, of course.

One of the more recent favorite articles I have read on this site was the one about Muscle Testing. I have been dealing with pain in my lower back for years now, and after months of physical therapy 2-4 times a week, several specialists, and still no results or improvements, reading that article made me reconsider seeing a holistic doctor, just to see if there was any other consideration besides the conventional medicine I haven't been getting results from. What scared me away from it in the first place was the cost and time investment. I haven't gone through with it yet, again cost and time investment...but it's still something I am considering. 

Between this, and the new Jessica Alba book I mentioned the other day, I have been trying to be a little more conscious of the food and products I put in me and on me. I am not exactly 100%, mostly failing (hard) on the food end of things, and I know I probably never will be even half of that, because I love that damn burger in Minneapolis and I refuse to give it up.

I have been waffling on trying a "cleanse" from Pressed since lurking on their site, though really I just want to try a few of the juices. I know that's kind of one extreme to another, isn't it? Sticking to a cleanse even for a few days doesn't seem likely. 

But ever since I read this awesome post from Amanda de Cadenet's site, documenting (though not entirely as detailed as I would have liked) her 3-day Cleanse experience, and she has some really good points about kind of "prepping" for it, by cutting meat and dairy down or out a few days in advance. My biggest hurdle, I know this and this is not a "think" would be the workday. I do a lot of bored eating. Like, a lot a lot. So I have no idea how I'd handle that. Because I am horrible about my bored eating.  And really, I think I am just all around addicted to food.  I dunno if something like this could break me of that? Or really send me off the deep end. 

Are you a reader of Chalkboard Mag? What are your favorite topics?

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