Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Loving Right Now :::


1 ::: For years, I have read about the wonders of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. Dreaming of what delights those shoppes held. When in Ohio for a wedding a couple years ago, we were able to finally try it in person and I was instantly hooked.  

Since ordering a ton of flavors wouldn't work out too well in our freezer, I kept hoping that maybe one of the little foodie haunts here, or even Whole Foods would turn up a few flavors.  As luck would have it, one of our two major local grocery store chains now carries several flavors.  I picked up a few to try, and it was love at first (second?) lick. My favorite flavor locally is the Whiskey and Pecans. It's like the richest vanilla-butter pecan you've ever had.

Photo: Steve's Ice Cream

Another recent favorite brand discovery is Steve's Ice Cream, and my favorite flavor of theirs is the Mexican Chili Chocolate. OMG.  Reign it in, fatty. 

2 ::: Ever since we watched Morgan Spurlock "Supersize" himself, we've been totally addicted to his shows and movies.  We loved 30 Days, and his newest show, InsideMan on CNN, is a fascinating hands-on look at a lot of very hot topics, such as privacy, religion in America, aging, and education systems in America vs elsewhere.  It's generally non-partisan as he shows both sides of the complicated issues.  Every single episode could go on for several more hours and I would not be bored at all.  I love that Morgan goes into every experience with a totally open mind and is overall a positive person.  

The EcoTools Stippling Brush with my Josie Maran Cheek Gelee (Poppy Paradise) 
I just had washed the brush, so it's not quite as fluffy as it would otherwise be. 
You can see some of my EcoTools collection in the background.

3 ::: This EcoTools Stippling Brush and Brush Roll set was a STEAL at just under $10 (AND I had a coupon for Ulta making it even cheaper!), besides being a fabulous brush in itself.  They don't get near enough props for their amazing brushes. I think half of my brushes are EcoTools, and the other half are probably It Cosmetics and Japonesque and a few random odds and ends from Nars and others.  I have actually found that the synthetic and eco-friendly brands are really bringing it! Not to mention, most are ridiculously budget friendly.  

I bought this specifically for the brush itself actually, but the Brush Roll was a killer bonus, too. Since I keep a full set of brushes identical to my home set in my travel bag (short handled versions when possible), I had been looking for some kind of roll to keep them more streamlined off and on for a while and settled on a pen/pencil roll that I had from a japanese office supply shop, which I used for my art pens. 

Open and Closed. It literally sits right inside the bottom of the bag.

Since the pockets in that came up a little too high, I wasn't really using it for much more than three face brushes, and my shorter brushes (almost all my eye brushes) stayed in the awesome Smashbox brush clutch I got a while back at Anniversary Sale. This roll actually fits ALL of my travel brushes in one place, including my It Cosmetics French Boutique Blush Brush(which I wish came in a shorter handled version for travel--link is a steal WITH the blush included!!!) and fits perfectly inside my Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized Grande (speaking of, I have finally obtained the elusive Blue Spring/Summer one--they're online!!!) bags, and works perfectly.  Huge bonus!

For those interested, the brushes inside are (L to R) the IT!Cosmetics Heavenly Ball Brush (or QVC or Ulta), French Boutique Blush Brush (get the set! So cheap! and the blush is phenomenal!)  and a smaller blush/face brush from an IT! holiday special travel set that I use for illuminating powder when traveling (Hourglass compact, I use another Ball Brush when at home). Also inside are my Tweezerman Lash CombSmashbox angle and waterproof shadow liner brushes from a special anniversary set, an It! Cosmetics dual ended brow brush/spooly from the aforementioned special set (similar to this Anastasia mini brow brush #7), and a Bare Minerals Soft Focus eyeshadow brush. 

4 ::: I have been reading about Julia's Lip Tint on tons of beauty blogs for about a year and a half now, and kept talking myself out of it since I rarely wear lip stuff because of allergies. I am hoping that it's assumed shortlist of ingredients (rosewater and glycerin plus FDA approved tints) will be safe for me.

The rest of of my hesitation was color choice. I ordered Caribbean Rose, Pink Pop and Plum Perfect, after hemming and hawwing over the three of those as well as Au Natural Pink and Coralesque. I have slightly pinkish/plummish (?) lips I think, so I wanted to make sure it would be a little more like my lips but a little more tint than usual. Can't wait to start testing these out. 

5 ::: As a total sugar addict, I usually cannot walk by a checkout lane without grabbing something on he way by.  In my last "driveby" grabbing, I saw a few newer varieties of KIND Bars that sounded incredible, the new Dark Chocolate Chili Almond and the Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt. Both have hit my sweet spot and my crunchy spot just right and I've got a couple of each in my desk drawer now to keep me a little more grounded in the snacking department.

Photo via Pad and Quill, Micro Field Bag for iPhone 5/5S

6 ::: Because I am getting a new piece of machinery on this desk soon (finally...a MacBookPro in some capacity), I need a means to protect that investment.  I love Pad and Quill's designs for their phone cases, and decided to poke around in their laptop section. I happened upon two laptop bags that look like they'd be my style, The Field Bag and The Satchel, both boasting space for the machine itself and cables and accessories, while protecting them all perfectly.  I also noticed a Micro Field Bag for iPhone and thought that might be a winner of a pouch when I upgrade to the iPhone6 that isn't even official yet.

I planned to do this technology update both of the last two years, but my iMac (main machine) still runs great and can process my work well, so I kept putting it off. Now that I am at the last OS I can upgrade to, it's time to move on.  I usually alternate every few years desktop and laptop, to make sure I have sound equipment and I skipped laptop last time in favor of another new desktop. This time I am going to make sure I get the laptop.  If, for no other reason, than blogging and doing my design work in my underwear while I lay in bed watching Golden Girls marathons on LOGO over the weekend.

Several people have said to just go with an iPad, but that's not going to run the type of work I need to run, not to mention, it's not my ideal format of technology.  I am excited for some newer technology, and have been watching all the rumors to see if any refreshed models in my desired configuration will be released prior to my purchase.

What's been catching your eye lately?

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