Friday, May 9, 2014

Fashion Fix ::: In case you (and I) missed it, ELOQUII IS BACK!!!

Oh. My. Dog.  How did I miss this AMAZING news????

Not content to see The Limited kill a fantastic plus-size clothing brand, the former brains behind Eloquii found the investors to get the funding to take it over and keep it alive. With a goal of having new looks available every two weeks, they're ambitious, but I think they're going to hit it out of the park.

With the majority of women in America being their target size range, myself among them...and that majority looking for anything but matronly clothing, again, myself among them, I cannot wait to see them take off. Big gamble, huge reward. Love this!

A few of my current favorite pieces, which will probably be all but sold out by the time you read this...

(I know, it's a dress, but isn't it amazing? 
I'd probably whack it off at the knees, but it's still gorgeous.)

(shown in Turquoise)

(I own it in Turquoise and Magenta from the original Eloquii, 
and I want it in Navy something awful!)

(the colors...I love the colors!)

(I. Die.)

Run, don't walk, your little fingers over to Eloquii. Right. Now.

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