Thursday, May 22, 2014

Totally Obsessed ::: Lo and Sons Catalina Weekender

All photos by {accordingtoame}

A few weeks back I mentioned I finally ordered my Lo&Sons Catalina. And then they put out the Indigo a little over two weeks ago now. And I had to have it because it is Navy. So now I do.

The Indigo shade is absolutely beautiful, almost a denimy/wedgewood color without being denim. Thistle is more of a purplish-gray. Either are perfect neutral workhorses. The only "negative" for me is the lack of a crossbody strap. That would make this the perfect bag. My husband would agree since he carried it and complained about that very thing. 

As luck would have it, just days after my Indigo bag arrived, my husband and I were taking a quick jaunt down south to visit his family, and all the sudden I had the chance to really give this baby a run, since I intend for it to replace my Bloomingdales totes I usually travel with, and I have as of this posting killed two of them (hopefully not, but I need them sewn back up first!) Chronic Overpacking is a condition!  Because of how well built these Lo&Sons bags are, I am pretty sure these will last a damn long time.

What surprised me immediately when I was packing my stuff, especially, was that for short trips, I can get either size of my SpacePak bags in the bottom compartment as long as the SpacePak isn't stuffed full, and if I am really only going for a couple days, I can use the "underwear" sized SpacePak, which leaves me room to pack my Converse or another pair of shoes, down beside it, and wear my Tieks flats or Croc Espadrilles on the plane.  Holy. Space. Saving. Measure.  Could I finally be a one-bag traveler? (Probably not with my backup bag packed inside...but that's a nice dream!)

For a longer trip, like a long vacation (dream!), or a longer stay with my mother in law, this arrangement likely wouldn't work, but we spent 6 days on this trip, and I packed myself just enough to mix and match a few outfits, knowing I can do laundry if I need to, and was able to get EVERYTHING of mine into that Catalina with room to spare for my purse inside on the flight. That confirmed my assumption that for a 4-Day Girl's Trip, I can easily make this my only bag, and hopefully keep my shopping under control enough to get back home without needing a backup bag (I always pack one...)

I kept my husband's items in his SpacePak bag, and packed him in the red Land's End Duffel I usually use. The luxury! Our own not overpacked bags.

This is probably one of my favorite purchases this year, and I am so glad I took the plunge.

Have you checked out Lo&Sons? What's your favorite bag from the collection?  You can get 20% off this weekend with the code MEMORIAL14 if you want to pick one up for yourself!*

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Just FYI: I am going to take Friday and Monday off to relax over the long weekend.

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