Thursday, May 1, 2014

Totally Obsessed ::: Ikea Raskog Cart

Screenshot from Ikea Catalog

My kitchen is tiny, and often looks like a bomb went off.  There's a reason I crop my food photos in SO CLOSE.  Who am I kidding, my entire house looks like a bomb went off all the time.

Basically our kitchen is a disaster because we have, literally, 3 cabinets and, like, one prep space, so I have had to get incredibly creative with storage and create "counters" by using a drawer with a cutting board on top... And y'know, because we're packrats and slobs.  That's a dose of real, right there.  Not a lot of glamour in this blogger's house!

In an attempt to create a "tiny island" for prep and additional storage, I caved into my unbridled lust for the gray Ikea RASKOG cart that's been on nearly every decor blog, and in just about every decor magazine. 

Photo via Ikea Catalog

I also picked up an APTITLIG cutting board (butcher block) that fit perfectly right on top, to make a little added counter space.  Voìla! Instant island.  I literally put it together over an hour last weekend, and save for breaking one screw in assembly that of course you cannot just go to the hardware store and easily replace, it went pretty well.   Finished product, below. Ignore my disgusting floor.  It's mostly dirty, but it's also got old grout spots on it we can't get off.

I have it set up in a corner in the kitchen right now, and it's already a total win. I haven't taken the plastic wrapping off the butcher block yet, partly out of sheer laziness. It stays cleaner longer this way, yknow?  That's just me being practical. I haven't decided if I want to take down the Ikea plastic bag holders I've had installed on the side of that cabinet that you can kinda see back in the right of that photo below and push it all the way back, I feel like where it is might be more useful because it's like a quarter turn there from the cabinet.

This is seriously the cleanest that corner has been in like a year.  I cleaned that area to take this photo, in fact.  I am relishing it.  Mom and Dad you probably should be, too. 

Despite not having an Ikea in this city yet (next year...), I managed somehow to buy both online for shipping to my house.  I think Ikea might have finally caught on to their customers requests! And shipping wasn't even insane! Couldn't believe it.  I was SO EXCITED when it was available to order online and it shipped and no hangups.

Presently I have it holding my stockpile of Almond Breeze and all my measuring cups, kitchen timer and my meat thermometer (the latter two also from Ikea*). Inside the top shelf is a stock of paper plates. I have already been using it as a station for plating up dinners and it's saved me from the "utensil drawer counter" situation I'd been doing.

Total score!  I actually ordered another one for the bedroom to use as a nightstand, including another butcher block to keep as a flat surface. I might do the aqua for that though. I am waiting for my husband to come in here right now and say "banish that thought."  

(The bottom shelf is loaded that way very deliberately. It's hiding stuff I didn't
really want in this photo and right after the photo I unhid everything.)

Too late. Already here! 

What are you totally obsessed with lately?

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*I bought several of the Ordning timers when I was in Minneapolis on the last girls trip. I stuck post it notes to the packaging of each of them in case TSA was going through my stuff and each one had a little note begging them not to take them, that they weren't dangerous, and that we don't have IKEA in St. Louis and I will be sad if they take my kitchen timers away.  I was terrified they were going to think they were, like, bombs or something. They didn't take them thankfully. Nor did anything happen to the entire Lillabo Ikea Train Set (including the bridges, etc that don't appear to be online) I smuggled home for my nephew who LOVES it.  

I use one for hair dye/tooth whitening in the bathroom, and have three in the kitchen as well so I can time my various dishes simultaneously. Sidenote: they sound like a phone ringing when they go off and scare the hell out of my husband who thinks he's getting a work call.  I've had to warn him now that I have timers set. I am now realizing that my husband just read that and is about to walk in here and say "you spent $24 on kitchen timers from fucking Ikea? What the hell is wrong with you?"  Probably a fair question. I'd probably buy more if I could buy them online.


  1. Great idea. How did you actually attach the butcher block to the RÅSKOG?

    1. It’s not actually attached. I just have it sitting on top. In the bedroom the lamp is heavy enough that it holds it in place. In the kitchen i lift it up to get things out of it (though I forgot I put my cuisinart blades in there and tore my house apart looking for them!) but otherwise it stays on and put relatively well.


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