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Loving Right Now :::

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1 ::: When placing an order for another bottle of my favorite Josie Maran moisturizer (or from Sephora --QVC didn't have it in stock other than in a configuration), yknow, to have a backup so that if it gets reformulated again I am still ok, I decided to try a couple new products from her line that I haven't already tried since there was a code (the recent Earth Day code).  I chose the Infinity Creamy Oil and the Self-Heating Hot Oil Hair Treatment. If the tinted version of the Infinity Creamy Oil didn't have castor oil in it, I'd have picked that up to try, also. I am disappointed to see that in the ingredient list. 

2 ::: After finding out that It! Cosmetics finally brought out the Tightline Lash primer in a waterproof formula, thanks to this video from Tiffany D, I pounced on it, you can get it from QVC in a two-pack at the best price.  I also was interested in trying their CC Cream, based again on Tiffany D, so I ordered both, even though I was not happy with their concealer.  I am really curious to see how I like this Tightline Primer in comparison to my standby Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof, which is a similar concept. I expect that the Tightline brush is a little smaller to allow it to really get in there. 

3 ::: The 2nd spring in under 5 months on my Hot Tools curling iron broke, so I decided enough was enough. I had read great things about the T3 Twirl curling iron, so I picked it up at a few weeks back. It's more than I've ever spent on a single curling iron, at $99, but in the very first use, I found out why it was worth every red cent. It heats up quickly--like immediately, it heats up evenly, and it glides through my hair while still holding it securely. The curl is perfect, and actually lasts all day. I was so blown away the first time I used it that I actually considered buying a second for travel, and just throwing away the Hot Tools. But, dear, don't stress, I didn't.  

I remembered Karen reviewing an older version on her blog, and clearly it's a winner to her as well. I'd give this one an A+ compared to her B.  I can't ding the price since I paid I think $55 for the Hot Tools, replaced it once after the thing stopped heating 2 weeks after I bought it (thankfully Ulta exchanged it!) and that second one kept having mechanical fails in the spring department. 

Isn't it nifty?

4 ::: My work wall clock has developed a mind of it's own lately. It has to be like 20 years old, so I guess that's not shocking.  I realized that the other day when I was irrationally ravenous at what I thought was 9:45 am, and teasing my coworkers for going on a food hunt at what I thought was 10:15...and happened to notice the time on my phone was 12:15 after they looked at me like I was insane. That was the fourth time in a few weeks that such a time lapse issue had occurred and I have changed the batteries several times this year already.  

So I decided that it's time to replace this ancient old beast with something cute on my own dime. After looking around online at a few fun options, I settled on this spiffy clock from my favorite #workhappy supplier, Poppin. It was really reasonably priced, as well, at $20. And of course, bought like 10 other awesome things while I was on the site.  My coworkers don't "get it" as far as the design is concerned, but they're not artists, so whatever. I love it, and it works.

5 ::: In addition to the Hair, Nails and Skin vitamins from It Works!, I also picked up some "greens chews" to try. I had given Viviscal a full month and really didn't see a ton of difference, so since these appear to work a lot faster, and don't contain weird fish related ingredients, I thought it was worth a shot. And they're cheaper... 

I always fail to get any sort of greenery in my diet, and these chews have done so much for me in terms of getting some fruit and veg nutrition.  And they're good, like blue Starbursts except less waxy.  If you want to try them, I have about 20 friends that are It Works! distributors, I can gladly refer you to any one of them.  

6 ::: I haven't mentioned this brand in a while, and after that whole Honest Toddler drama, took a bit of a hiatus from the brand's amazing products in protest. But I just did a huge replenishment of my favorite Honest Co. products, and picked up a few newer-to-me ones from the line to try. The new hand soap which I want to compare to my usual Method brand, toothpaste and fruit & veggie wash are in this order with a few of my favorites (leave in conditioner which I alternate with a few others, hand sanitizer gel and spray and the sunblock) and I cannot wait to try them out.  I know I've mentioned trying to "green things up" several times now, but this was another push in that direction.

I also went back to the Honest Co. baby wipes after I stopped buying the Target Up and Up brand ultra sensitive baby wipes I had been using for years because their latest "reformulation" made them somehow entirely non-sensitive and I have never in my adult life experienced "diaper rash" until recently. To call it unpleasant and painful would be an understatement. I use these wipes for so many reasons: makeup remover or freshening up after a sweaty experience before I can shower, among other things, so getting a diaper rash on various parts of my body, face included...that was...interesting.  My sister identified it immediately, and I was able to get it handled with the only diaper rash cream I am not allergic to (it's Balmex--because every other brand has Castor Oil in it, including the new one from Honest!), but...yea. That was an experience!

I have also heard amazing things about Jessica Alba's latest book, "The Honest Life", and ordered that on Amazon not that long ago. I just need to sit down and read it. I have a few books in that "sit down and read" pile right now. I started it, and might make that my bedtime reading versus my next magazine in the stack so I can actually finish it.

So, what's on your radar right now?

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*I linked a lot to the QVC offerings because they have amazing deals on these products, like, one of those mascaras at Ulta is $24! Why would you pay that for ONE when QVC gives you two for $5 more??? Unless I have a code or a coupon that would meet or beat it, then I go with QVC most of the time. They also do awesome exclusives.  But just to be clear: I do NOT get a commission, a kickback, or anything of the sort from anything I link. Just an FYI. 

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