Monday, May 19, 2014

Must Try ::: Athlete Eats

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In my (terribly flawed) attempts to eat healthier after realizing that I've gotten myself back to where the only pants that fit me are my "fat pants", I decided to head out and try the fare at a new local haunt called Athlete Eats.  

Started by the chef that handles the dietary needs and prepares the meals for the St. Louis Cardinals, Simon Lusky has also handled meals for the Cardinals, Rams and Blues, among many other professional athletes, in the off-season to keep them lean and mean. The average folks in St. Louis now have an option for great food and meal delivery to keep them on track.

Very few restaurants would ever get all 5 star reviews on Yelp in the first place, but a healthy-foods establishment? That's incredible. The idea alone was enough to pique my interest, but knowing it's gotten rave reviews around the web, even off of Yelp? That's making it on "my list."

On a Saturday morning that I was awake too late for a spin class, and had a few hours to kill before my next appointment, I decided to make my first venture down to Athlete Eats and check out their fare.

I was elated to find out that you can pretty much order anything, breakfast or otherwise, all day. They told me they serve breakfast til at least 2pm. So guess what I had? Breakfast.  

In addition to a Hugo's Jugo juice, I had the Waffles, which were artfully arranged, thick waffle sticks made with a peanut butter gluten-free batter, and drizzled with a coconut syrup, strawberry jam, crushed almonds and nutella. Yes. Sold. Done. And I inhaled it. 

I also ordered scrambled eggs and bacon, so I had protein in me, too.  The bacon surprised me. It was almost like sliced pork, it was such a large and thick slice. It was absolutely in the top three bacon servings I've ever had.  

While I was waiting for my food, I decided to bring home an assortment of meals from the fridge, so that we could share a few later and have a couple hopefully for lunch Monday and Tuesday.  There was a fantastic selection from the menu available.

Because he was stuck working, I did a carry out of the "Paleo Special" of a Shaved Beef Tri-tip served on Smoked Sweet Potato Puree and Picked Red Onion with a Red Chili Gremolata.  I wish I'd tried a bite before I handed that over to him because it looked and smelled incredible.   

Plated Photo by Athlete Eats

He enjoyed it but doesn't love sweet potatoes, so the puree was lost on him.  He said found it "surprisingly filling" despite his initial comments on wishing there was more, and "incredibly tasty, the meat was quite nice."  He's very particular about the cuts of meat he eats, so I was glad to hear that.

Portions were good, I would've liked 2 more waffle sticks, but I suppose the point is to not eat like a probably the portions were reasonable!

There are several things on the menu I would love to try, the raved about bibimbap especially.  And some of the beef jerky and other snacks sound good, too. 

This is definitely a repeat-visit location and one I can feel good about being a frequent visitor to. I love that they change their menus pretty consistently.  I wish they opened earlier in the morning so I could swing by on the way in to work, but I will just have to go by on my way home from time to time. 

Have you been by Athlete Eats? What's your favorite dish? 

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